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Fall yr 3: Head Mistress Jera

Fall yr 3: Head Mistress Jera

Okay so I am settling into my role of Head Mistress of this school quicker then I had anticipated. I am comfortable here. Mother and Father visited for a bit and left two weeks ago. I got worried since mother had taken Verse aside for “a little sit down.” She came back glaring at me and he was red faced. Had to be on the topic of marriage. She is not subtle either. Poor Verse. After that he spent most of their visit “busy” at the Spire, coming home for supper and leaving again. Father said he respected a man so dedicated to his work, but still able to make time for family meals. Mother just would give me a look and Harrumph. Verse- I feel like I know that man completely, yet don’t know him at all. I wonder if I will ever know his birth name? Or meet his family? Does he even have family? All he says is “Those at the Spire are my family.” then changes the subject. By the Gods, I hope one day to know. Maybe one day when I have a second in command trained up properly I shall go on a quest to seek the truth of his past! i don’t want to tread too much on his privacy, but if I am to marry the man- which he wants- I should know a little something of his past. I wouldnt even care if he fled his home due to being a crazed killer or something. Not likely I am sure, but still. Knowing SOMETHING would be nice.
Samden and Izamala are under discipline again. This time it was a wasp hive in one of the dormitories. Some of the older boys were picking on Izamala since she is small and cant swing a sword well. So they retaliated. Our medics were all a fuss working on healing 20 boys with multiple stings. Really. This place! Kids these days! I would have stuck to dye in the soap or dung in the linens at their age! I had to be extremely harsh with them since we nearly lost a boy to the stings. And he wasn’t even one of Izamala’s tormentors. he just happened to be assigned to the same dorm. Poor Phedal. I offered to send him home but he refused. He said he wanted to stay and learn. To become a great hero like Master Verse and I. I laughed at him and said, “Boy, I was a wandering sword for hire who happened to take the wrong job at the wrong time! Then had to clean up one mistake after another with a group of rejects who became my friends. We are no heroes. But thanks for the compliment anyway.” He smiled and nodded, but that look in his eyes. Kinda scary. I placed him on sick leave for a week and had him return to classes after reassigning him to another dormitory.
We have some emissaries from the Aznezian Temples coming to look at some of the more advance students in a week. I think most of the potentials are great but need more training before heading to them. Maybe I just don’t to loose any of the kids yet. I don’t know. But if they are deemed good enough to further training, then I will be proud. Aznez owes me one! We are hard on them, but not as hard as the temples in their training. At least these kids will last longer and have a better chance of surviving the initial training they will get thru the temples. And they will be educated soldiers too. OH MY! I should probably pay the clerics from the temples of Aznez when the arrive! We still owe them! By the Gods! I know none of the others have! i will make it seem that it was all part of my plan. “By the way Cleric, I know my old party and I have a debt to your temple and was waiting on the chance to pay you back. Here is the payment in full.” I have to get with Verse, I know he has the exact total written down some where. It was 1,400 gold…or was it 14,000 gold? No wonder the letter inquiring a visit to view the students seemed so cold and nasty really. Well I will show them! HA!
I should have Nissa remind me of that. She is a good secretary tho she is flighty. Poor girl has gone arse over tea kettle for one of the instructors here. He is fighting it, it seems. But she chats about him all the time. “If you can get Master Verse to fall for you then I can get Parathen to fall for me.” Is what she told me once. I nearly choked on my tea that morning! “By the Gods girl! If only you KNEW what I went thru! And I had some divine help. Continuators are tough to crack.” I told her. She now has an idol to Ajetar on her desk! Maybe I should have a talk with Parathen? See where he stands with matters of Nissa and the heart. Am I to play match maker now as well?


you should tell her all she needs is a little Stockholm syndrome….

Fall yr 3: Head Mistress Jera

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