Temple of Embers

Fall Yr 4: New Crop

Fall Yr 4: New Crop

A new school year is in full swing. Samden and Izamala are in proper form tormenting new students. Somehow Samden pulled off reading a scroll of Ghost Sound in the younglings’ dormitory and Izamala placed a bucket full of…well…filled from the jakes above the door to the Arithmetics classroom. Continuator Dorila asked to be reassigned. That has been a problem since she is the best we have for teaching sums. I hope she reconsiders. Both hooligans are currently running laps around the Spire under Jorgen’s watchful gaze along with Matagan- Jorgen’s apprentice.
Verse has been entralled with new books found at a site near Jatix. They have been brought to our island Spire since a bunch of Continuators specializing in Religious Histories have moved here. I ask him about them and he gets a strange smile on his face then turns red faced. Wonder what that is all about? I was quite saddened to see the scruffy growth Verse had taken to letting settle on his face be shaved off before the school year started. I thought it was quite nice, and gave him a manly appearance. Tho the fact that he has filled out due to his sword training also gives him a manly appearance is nice too. He has been….more active… in the bedroom as of late. Often times being the one initiating the activity. In that I surely don’t complain!
News has reached us that both Jax and Ronin are expecting little ones again. Really, are those two keeping pace with each other? Its…kinda of creepy. Their poor women have just gotten over their last births! With the little ones just starting to walk..and BAM…another in the oven. I suddenly wish I had cookies. Damn I miss Linda! Wonder what she is up too?



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