Temple of Embers

Fall yr 5: 522

Fall yr 5: 522

Our schools 3rd year open and we have 522 students this year. We will be loosing several come Spring as they finish their run with us. They will be missed. Poor Kisra will be moving along to the Spire in the Plains for further study, but will be near her family. She is from Bur Leyras. Young Phedal will be heading to Bur Leyras as well to enter training at the Mages’ School. We have 10 students eager to learn ship building so I will be sending them to Galdieon, who can hopefully find some master ship builders who will take them under wing. I am glad he agreed to help. We have two girls that I will be sending to the temple of Agetar out here in the Blue. They…need somewhere to…take out their hobbies appropriately. Galena Thornhold kind of reminds me of Bianca in a way. That makes me shudder!
Verse has added a small alter shelf to Ageto in our private quarters. And has an empty shelf next to it for, “When I get around to choosing a God.” I told him I have nothing against the Gods really, but have a hard time wanting to WORSHIP them since I see them as more…old friends with great power then a group to worship. He then shook his head and wagged a finger at me before putting his nose back into the book he had been reading.
I have assigned Izamala to help teach the bow to all the new students. She is amazing! That girl seems as though she was born with a bow in her hand, but I know she had never touched one until she arrived here. She loves teaching. Its been keeping her…mostly out of trouble. Samden has been acting as assistant to Verse and when he is not helping Verse or at his studies, he is helping professors make their class schedules. Again, this mostly keeps him out of trouble. There have been some minor pranks that have the stink of those two all over them. Beetles in the soup tureen, Troll Root dye in the soap, Euphoria Leaves in the fire place in the Great Hall. THAT was a debacle!!! 300 some students and professors all high as a gull as the smoke from the burning leaves wafted thru the Hall! I will say, Verse was in the Hall at the time. Seeing my Verse inebriated is always fun. But I had to wait to enjoy it til after all the students and professors were safely tucked away in their rooms for at least 12 hours. Aah…students!



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