Temple of Embers

Fall yr 6: Changes

Fall yr 6: Changes

Vacation with Samden and Izamala was actually quite pleasant! We had tons of fun island hopping. They were overwhelmed by the Falls. Samden leaned over and spat into the Falls, then colored and lowered his eyes to apologize. He was trying so hard to be good. I laughed and followed suite, spitting over the side myself. “The important thing in this situation, is you didnt spit where a crowd of people could see you. But don’t do it again.” I told him. He and Izamala laughed. “And don’t tell anyone I did that!” I said wagging my finger at them. As we were laughing that day on the bridge, I realized that this year Samden would be 17 and would be leaving us. I became saddened at this. Over the past 4 years they have been regulars to my office, due to their pranks, but I grown quite fond of them. I have watched them grow, from right hooligans to older more polite trickers. Izamala has grown into a beautiful young woman (can’t really say Lady) her long tresses, the color of ripened wheat blowing behind her. Her eyes almost the exact color of the sea, full of wonder and mischief. Samden had grown tall and filled out. Light growth on his chin and upper lip making him appear somewhat older. His mop of unruly Earth tone hair blowing into his eyes as he stared off into the distance beyond the Falls.
“So that is all Orc held?” He asked pointing off toward the horizon.
“In the past, yes. Many Orcs have settled beyond the Falls again. Others still roam the Rocky Plains.” I answered, thinking about Gorag. Wondering how he was doing.
I asked Samden if he had thought about what he wanted to do with his life come Spring, since this was his final year with us. He drew in a breath and stated “I want to teach, at home…well I mean at our school.”
I stopped in my tracks, surprised. “You want to do what?” I asked.
“Teach, I want to teach. I have the highest marks in my Dwarven class. I would like to teach that! I know Bronoff is leaving at the end of the year and you don’t have a teacher for beginners Dwarven. He says i have perfect pronunciation. That I sound like a proper Dwarf when I speak. My Grandfather was half Dwarf ya know. Learned a bit from him as a tot. I really wanted to ask you how to apply to be a teacher but was scared. Thought you would laugh at me.” he looked down at his feet, “The school is my home. I have nothing else. Normally when I go home for vacation I am alone. My parents have 7 children including me. Father works the mines and mother….well she doesnt care for me much. I was a horrible child. She pretends I dont exist.”
I placed my hand on his shoulder, “Samden…there are steps to take to become a teacher…”
“Okay…I understand. Please forget I asked.” he interrupted.
“Step one- never interrupt a possible future boss. Step two- High marks and graduation. Step three…no more pranks this year. If you want the other professors to respect you…don’t place fish heads in their desks! Step four- Get your Dwarven Professors- each you have had classes with- to write me recommendations about your skill. We shall go from there. Okay?”
He started, looked at me and threw his arms around me and a huge hug, “REALLY?! You’re not just saying that??”
“I mean what I say-BOY. Now hands off your Head Mistress and lets go back for lunch.” I smiled and he let go. We walked back to the city of Antares in a happy silence.

The clerics of Spica were impressed with Izamala’s skill, as I knew they would be. She was offered a spot in training right then and there. But she stated she had a few years of study left ahead of her before she could make a decision on her future. I positively beamed with pride at that. Cleric Hortten asked if I was showing off my “recruits” and rubbing in the skill I had amasses. I laughed and said no. That I think once she is thru with her schooling she could be a great asset to his temple, and wanted to show them. He nodded and smiled at Izamala. We headed home after that.

We arrived back a week before the term started. I was surprised to see that Nissa had been eagerly awaiting my return with…news. She and Parathen were to be married. Then they were heading to the Plains to settle in at the old Spire and be near her family. So I was to be down a very organized secretary. Now what am I to do, I thought. Jorgen was in the door way, quietly awaiting a chance to speak with me during Nissa’s announcement. I hugged and congratulated her. For I was happy for her. She said she would stay on until I found a replacement. Right! So close to the start of term? How?!
Jorgen cleared his throat. I had forgotten about him in the inner turmoil of loss of employee. “Maybe I take over for Miss Nissa. I am organized, Matagan can take over for me in Hand to Hand and Shield skills classes. And as Head Disciplinarian, I think to have an office for the troubled student to come to…will make me more scary. No offense Miss,” he turned to Nissa, " you’re filing system…makes no sense!" He smiled at us both. I had to agree with that. Only Nissa could find anything in these offices. Found them promptly when asked, but if I went looking for something…it was pointless. I threw my hands up in the air.
“Why not?! I have a student asking to be a teacher- a teacher asking to be a secretary….what next? A Continuator asking to be a Cleric of Agetar!?” Nissa and Jorgen laughed. Jorgen’s guffaw boomed loudly over her quiet tittering. “Okay, Nissa. You needn’t extend your stay if you don’t want to. I hope you and Parathen all the best. Please keep in touch. Tomorrow we shall have a party in your honor. Jorgen…you’re hired. But…no muddy footprints in this office and you will not sit at your desk smelling” i sniffed towards him, “Of the practice field to put it kindly. We here have soap. Understood?” he nodded. “Now all of you….OUT! I have a headache!” I exclaimed.
There i was, alone after two major staff changes. Now… what next?



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