Temple of Embers

Interesting Developments

So a lot has happened since I last wrote in this damned thing. I will list a few of the major highlights in our journey so far.

We raised Ehmbyr (yay!)
We thought we killed her (boo!)
I got the ring off (Yay!)
We ran into Jackass again and he almost caught me in my lie (Boo!)
We found out that we didn’t kill Ehmbyr (yay!)
But we released things called avatars (which are actually things called dragons) in the process (Boo!)
We can get them back together by building Ehmbyrs prison (which is a tesseract) back together again (yay!)
But in doing so the avatars got their full powers back which means their going to be harder to fight (boo!)
We helped the goddess Ajatar get her powers back by forming a new following in the brothels (Yay!)
In going into her temple in Jatix Ronin was erased from existance from something called a fey (Double Boo!!)
We got him back through the song of creation (yay!)
We released a plague in the process (Boo!)
We’re trying to fix said plague (yay!)
I fell into a coffin full of black stuff after we talked to Old Felicia and she told us about these “wards” (Boo!)
I got the wards now! (yay!)
In trying to rebuild the tesseract we have lit several world pillars (all of Ehmbyrs and Ajatars) and upon trying to light the last pillar of Asnez, I accidently aided in Jera’s death (…oops)

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on. I also can now read draconic since I studied long and hard to figure it out. It’s the ancient language of the avatars (or dragons) and I’m super excited. That has also led me to study different planes and I’ve started learning of different demons and such that live on different planes…it’s all very fascinating. I’m going to be delving deeper into my studies on the way if I can…I hope we encounter a real demon though, I would love to try to study a living subject if I can.

On another note, i’ve also been trying to learn how to craft my own magic items. The party is not earning enough money and I need more power if i’m going to be helping fight (hey, I’m squishy). I might make this into a profit if I can get it down.

Also i’m now um…having relations with Ronin….It’s interesting to say the least. He’s the only one i’ve really connected with and every time I see him it’s like…AHEM ANYWAYS…my relationship is not important now that I look like this…I was pretty good looking in my own right but since i’ve become an Oracle I look like a lycanthrope (a werewolf like creature) even though i’m not completely furry, I just look like a dirty hobo that constantly smells like dog and has a lisp…He wouldn’t look at me like that even if I went and found all the Genie’s in the world…I hate my life.

I’m going to stop right here until next time.



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