Temple of Embers

Paying off debts

So after we left the hospital wing in the temple of Asnez, we went to go see the high priestess to see what we could do to get our hospital bill payed off (since we’re completely broke at the moment). She told us that we could go to the north and find a woman that has been gathering people against their will to aid her. At first we thought it was Navja, there was lots of sighs to be heard in the room, but then we were told that it was someone who was being called the Arlothian princess. We agreed since it was our only other option at the time.

We set off into the plains. I felt comfortable being back in the open space again, especially since it’s the time of year where the colors of the grass and leaves turn beautiful shades of red and oranges with dashes of yellows here and there. We traversed across the fields until we came across a hallow. The stupid rogue decided to investigate and came out complaining about money or something. I tried to help but he shoved me out of the way…i swear to god i’m going to snap on this motherfucker sooner or later. Anyways shortly after that we followed some owlbear tracks and Jera and Garret decided to go and adopt 3 owlbear cubs of sorts. They didn’t really adopt them since they were talking about selling them but I think Jera’s gotten attached to one.

We set up camp that night. Ronin and I had first watch (which is good for me because we’ve been having sex on a regular basis). Well it was going well until he started talking about seeing people. A dozen people just walking across the plains not really hearing him or seeing him. Then I saw it. A man stopped and started walking towards us and Ronin started walking towards him. He was shrouded in black and black seemed to swirl off of him. They stopped in front of each other and then the thing hit Ronin, sent him flying backwards about 10 feet. I rushed to my feet to help him and I was just glad Jera heard him hit the ground as it woke her up. After our battle Lord Barbakin (this sort of atomaton that upholds the universal law) came back and told us that he slayed about 12 wraiths while we were fighting the one. After that things went pretty uneventful.

On an up-note, I think Ronin and I are starting to develop some sort of official relationship, but i’m not getting my hopes up…It’s going to be fun while it lasts though!



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