Temple of Embers

I've found what I wanted

So after a couple days of travel we’ve found the GIANT ASS encampment that we were apparently told about. It looked like a traveling town! Garret went and scouted out and saw over 24,000 people in this place! Well as we were standing there, arguing like idiots a guard saw us and sent out a scouting party to see if we wanted to come into the camp and rest for a few days.

We entered and were immediately taken to the princess. She seemed nice enough but we were still on our guard. Ronin and I decided to look around the camp and we found the mages tent. We helped a mage with one of his experiments and he was elated. Ronin made one of the gnomish mages cry…poor girl. The man wanted to know why I had a lisp and then Ronin decided it was a good idea to pull back my hood. I was then lead to see Carmilla who is an Oracle of Bone apparently. She made me roll the bones and looked at my past and future. She knew what I did and why we were here and advised us against it. She also told me to go see a mage named Montigue. I went to go see him after Ronin and I went to the mess hall to eat. We had a nice conversation with Coal about creating new foods and what-not. I like Coal better now that he’s settled down a little bit. Questing after releasing his god and this “Heresy” made him slightly crazy.

Ronin went back and talked to Carmilla while I went to go talk to this Montigue. He knew why I had come and who had sent me. He talked to me about demons and a gave me a book. The book, from what I skimmed through, had extensive rituals on how to bind and conjure demons. The one thing I did get out of the Oracle was something about a bony thing in leather. Montigue also told me that it would be a good thing to try to get a name of the one who owns my “blood contract”. I need to talk to Montigue some more when we get back.

Oh yeah, Ronin also made a deal with the princess to let us live if we rescue her brother from this ultimate prison called “the spindle”. I’ll probably write after I get back to someplace settling.



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