Temple of Embers

Late Spring yr 2: Student Invasion

Late Spring yr 2: Student Invasion

Three weeks since we got our students, all 213 of them. They have been sorted into dorms by age and we are sussing out talents. We have had a few trouble makers, but Jorgen has dealt with them and has a system in order to deal with further…incidents. Two younglings had decided that placing Itch Weed in the padded armor on the practice field was a great idea. Well they learned quickly Jorgen has no sense of humor. After 4 days of digging holes and scrubbing pots, they apologized for their antics. Tho I think we should expect more from these two in the future. Samden Thogard and Izamala Crayward will be thorns in my side and headaches for some time to come me thinks. They have that glint in their eyes that reminds me of Durc and that…is not good. Great students, but hooligans to the core. Izamala has a knack for archery like I have never seen and Samden has high marks in all his academics. They are thick as thieves those two. They are in the mid age group. Samden is 13 and Izamala is 11. Both were sent by tired and flabbergasted parents. I can see why! I am pretty sure they are responsible for the toads in the bath house too. That was just yesterday. We all noticed something was wrong when a throng of female students came running and screaming from the bathhouse followed by a battalion of green hopping toads. One poor girl, Kisra Malk, fainted as one hopped on to her boot! She, sadly, has a weak constitution. But is amazing with histories. I think in a few years I will transfer her to the Spire for continued studies.
Verse has history lectures once a week in the great hall. He loves it. He and some of the younger Continuators have taken to weapons training 3 times a week. Its starting to show on him. Not to my dismay either! We started them with a “How your book can be a weapon” then branched out.He seems to be getting the hang of the short sword. At first the elders of the main Spire thought their people getting weapons training was a bad idea. “We record history, we dont make it.” was their stance. Then Verse and I explained, “How can you record history if you’re dead because you couldn’t defend yourself? Or defend your book?” That got them thinking, then they agreed. Some, sadly are hopeless. But some have real promise. Verse is starting to gain some muscle mass. He is changing from that scrawny 19 year old I first met in the kobald infested tunnels under Shard into quite a strapping man. And he has a free evening tomorrow….
Anyway, the schools furniture and some of the Spires was purchased from Jax at a drastic discount. Verse office desk was another gift. That man is really nice…if you are on his good side. I have heard things about the new Fades Guild Master that would make your toes curl. I am sure some is just rumor for reputation but other stuff…I can believe.
Ronin’s school is set to open in a few months. Its situated in the Red Desert near Antex. I think Delunea won’t let him too far from home. Plus the twins will be amongst the first students. I think she will be teaching there as well. I guess in the near future there will be more necromancers then there have been in centuries. Kinda worrisome since not all that many decent people are drawn to that kind of magics. But Delunea says she has a strict weeding out policy for the crazy and corrupt. We shall see. Here comes Nissa with more papers to sign and I have a class in a hour.



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