Temple of Embers

Season 1 Overview

This is an Overview of Season one, known as “the Heresy of Ehmbyr”.

At the beginning, there were several false starts for the adventurers…

Part 1 – The Delving

It all began in Vo Mesera Ehmbyr in the Red Desert. The temple had called for adventurers far and wide amongst the sands to come to the Grand temple of Ehmbyr, the Goddess of Fire and Keeper for the Dead, to help with an infestation problem within the Temple.

Two advenrurers came forwards, a red headed warrior and an elvin thief. The problem was that someone was going into the Halls of the Dead and stealing from the bodies and urns that were placed down there. The clerics in the temple wanted it to stop. So there was an intent to make sure that that happened. While searching for the problem and following what it may be, it was soon discovered that it was Kobolds that were down there. The kobolds were taking parts and pieces and offerings that had been left for dead. It needed to be stopped. Several forays into the dark unfortunatly meant the end of the rouge. Jera was forced to step it up once more and returned to the surface. There she met with a cleric who healed her wounds and then decided to travel with her. Along with an orcish warrior, a magical gunslinger, and another thief, they ventured back down into the catacombs and Halls of the Dead.

Part 2 – The Kobold Mennace

Kobolds can be tricky, and rather messy too. It was in the deapths of Vo Mesera Ehmbyr that the Adventurers take to the cleric Brother Mazarin’s advice and in the effort of keeping the mennace quite, take a deal from him. For the heads of the Kobolds he would pay good money, and only if they came to him and him alone. Agreeing upon teh price, they are led to the Halls of the Dead once more and continue on their explorations downwards into Shard’s underbelly.

On the second day however, tragedy strikes as the warrior Jera’s sword slips and hacks the orcish woman’s head off in the midst of battle.

Killing kobolds along the way there were people who were met in the depths. A strange druidic female dwarf who was in the darkness below the temple attempted to help. She offered the help of her friend “Elijah” who turned out to be a stuffed Kobold that the druid used as not only a puppet, but a holy symbol to her faith in the gods.

There were strange goings on below. The dwarf agreed to help them if only they were not to disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem she protected. The hired adventureres continued deeper into the catacombs and continued to battle the kobold infestation.

Part 3 – The Continuator

Several days pass in the midst of the underground caverns, filled with the blood of Kobolds, their Shammans, and the insidious traps they used that seemed more like a child’s antics than actual ruination. Bags of flour, caltrops, random flasks of burning oil… The Kobolds were well versed in the tactics of gurellia warfare, but the adventures continued to press on and their advantage as well.

At a rest point, the Cleric Coal takes watch duty and falls asleep due to the sleeping spells of the druid. As he does, the gunslinger and the dwarf both vanish in the night. Upon waking, the groupd decides that they are most likely victim to the insidious Kobolds and press further into the nest that they have found, destroying all!

It is after such a battle that they find a survivor from another group of people who were exploring the deapths of Shard. They too had been hired by the same Brother Mazarin, but were unable to withstand the onslaught. The survivor’s name is Verse, and he is a part of the Grand continuator’s Guild – a continuator without anyone to chronicle. In return for rescuing him, the group decides to hire him in order to protect him as well as benefit from the Continuators themselves.

Part 4 – The Cleric known as ClamShell

The group continues through the maze of underground caverns and bump into another traveler there. More likely not a traveler but another Cleric of Ehmbyr whom they mistake for a man at first. The cleric’s name was Sister Varenia and she was a part of the Archialogical Guild.

Arguing the merits of why they are where they are, it soon comes to a head. Sister Varenia is not pleased that they are where they are and decides that they must go before her superiors. Comanding the adventurers to follow her, she takes them to see her supirior, Brother Aditi. The Brother frowns at their getting lost below the temples, but is quite understanding. He offers to take care of their Kobold Heads, and on top of that, offers them another job to go with the good (yet crabby) Sister and hunt for Artifacts, they Cardinal Berenzia.

The Cardinal is the head of the Arhiological Guild of the temple of Ehmbyr and is not happy to see Sister Varenia so soon again. Upon hearign what she had to tell him, he offeres the group

Part – The Hidden Temple

In the deapths they were foced to come back up for air, but they soon discovered a temple to the God Lif down below with a rather complex puzzle of doors. They discovered another puzzle that involved the seasons and keys.

After wandering around the hidden temple to Lif, they discovered the Keys and opened the door to the next part of the Halls of the Dead, only to discover that it was a secret door to the Tombs of the Holy Sect. This was the room where the previous High priests and priestesses of the Flame were kept rather than in the Halls of the Dead.

It was here that the adventurers stumbled upon the crypt of Oret Tavia, the greatest Priestess of Ehmbyr ever known.

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