Temple of Embers

Spring Year 3: Comings and Goings

Spring Year 3: Comings and Goings

So Summer is just around the corner with new students to arrive. We “lost” 32 students yesterday. Most of the older ones are done. They were here about a year. Some we lost to Asnezian training, some to the Spire, two to Sarass (Nima Salrite and Themas Rikle were forever having to be dragged away from the libraries at the school and the Spire) and 10 to craftsmen for apprenticeships. 140 new students arrive in two months time.
I sent a letter with a little something something to Oret for the Spring Festival to Agetar. It was a little toy I picked up at an Agetarian Temple while off island for supplies. I hear its better then the last ‘gift’ I got her! Poor thing, cooped up in that office with all that paperwork. She needs to let down her hair, metaphorically speaking of course, ever once and a while and enjoys the ‘pleasures’ of life. I am surprised she hasnt had be tossed into Sar Puhi yet! Tho I hear that is being repaired by the temples and Ehmbyr herself. Well GOOD! She is the one that turned the damned place into a bleedin’ volcano! I mean really! You’d think she would have learned the FIRST time she pulled that stunt!!
Strange thing when the Asnezian clerics were here looking at the students, there was one that kept following me around asking if I had claimed Asnez as my God yet. Then he would grunt as I refused to answer. I think it was actually him. Something about his posture and gaze. So I messed with him a bit. Kept saying i was wavering between Asnez and Agetar. At one point he sighed “Poor Verse” under his breath.



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