Temple of Embers

Spring yr 5: End of another year

Spring yr 5: End of another year

End of the school year and I am watching the second boat of students leave to go home. Some we will not see again, others will be returning mid summer. Those students that live far away sail to the islands that house the temples of their home towns. There the temples teleport them to the temple of their home cities, or the temple closest to their homes. Their parents will be awaiting them at the various temples to take them home. The reverse happens at the end of each summer when the students return as well. Its a way for the students to get to know the Cleric of temples, and for the clerics to know the students. Some of the students that have gone on to temple placements have gone to one of the “travel temples” since they have gotten to know the clerics. I do want to thank all the temples who help transport my students. Its a lot for them to take on, and I have nothing but appreciation for them. If it weren’t for this set up, the kids would never be able to spend 4 weeks home with their families before the next term started up. I think its important for the kids to spend time with their families in between their studies…at least the kids with families. We do usually have a dozen or so that are here year around or that we send out to mini apprenticeships to broaden their horizons.
Sadly this Spring Samden and Izamala’s parents wrote that they will not be able to travel to the temple to pick them up. So they are staying behind with us here at the school. I have to make sure the next 4 and a half weeks are totally full of tasks and activities for them or they will be tormenting the staff and live in students. Over the vacation time there are classes and activities scheduled for the live in students. The classes are less work oriented and more fun things. Like the swimming classes for students originally from the Red Desert and the Ceaseless Mountains. Students of all ages seem to love learning to swim for the first time. We have little parties, visits to near by islands for them so they can explore. All sorts of things to keep them occupied and enjoying themselves.
I have decided to take Samden and Izamala under my wing this vacation and cart them around with me as I go off island for supplies for next term. I have also planned on making a stop with them for a few days in Antares so they can walk the bridges over the Falls so they can see it up close. I am also going to be taking them to see the Still Shrine of Mirim since I think it might impress them. I also want the Clerics of Spica to see Izamala’s shooting skill. The next few weeks should be interesting!



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