Temple of Embers

Winter yr 2: learning and building

Winter yr 2: learning and building

The Spire has been filled for months now with new continuators learning every day. Verse is so proud of it. He had put in for someone from the old spire to run the place but they gave the position to him. He was dumbfounded. I told him he should have expected it since it was his resources that started the place. Its his “baby”. Building it from the sand up. He humbly took the position and has made the running of the place impeccable. I usually only see him at night, and not every night either. Its tough. So used to having him there with me. Oh well. I myself am busy most nights. Finalizing paperwork, making sure everything is in order for the first students in a couple of months. Got most of the staff in place. Jorgen has been hired as a hand to hand instructor and a teacher on the finer arts of discipline. He has a thick Mountains accent. Sometimes its hard to follow. But I am sure his, presence, will be more then enough to get most kids in line. And its amazing how organized he is. You know if he had a bulls head he would look just like….nevermind.
I wonder how Linda is doing? Havent seen hide nor hair of the sisters since we got Ageto “unstuck”. I miss her. I have taught some of the Staff the “joys” of Droika, but its not the same without Linda. Its a good thing our school medic knows how to make Alchemist’s Mercy!
I received letters from Jax’s wife announcing the upcoming arrival of a new little thief in their household. Also, Delunea wrote telling us of the birth of a new “little Sparrow”. Are jax and Ronin keeping score? Two each now. Speaking of Sparrows, I heard from one that Gorag has a child now too. No real details, but something about acting with face paint and him having a wife and a son. Its too bad letters to him would never reach him. Orcs are to nomadic for post. I also ran into Galdeion two weeks back while on Antares ordering supplies. Seems that Fat Cleric is now High Fat Cleric of the Temples of Ehmbyr in the Blue! That git has his own temple now! Those poor bastards under him! I want to pull them all aside and say “Don’t listen to him! He will come up with some way to END THE FREAKING WORLD!” But alas, I cant step on his toes like that. But Mark my words! One day I will get a knock on my door and Coal will have done SOMETHING that we need to help clean up! Even Verse agrees!



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