Temple of Embers

Winter yr 4: Stormy Night

Winter yr 4: Stormy Night

Corridors are dark with the sounds of a wild storm blowing outside the stone walls of the school. All the students are abed, professors sound asleep. I am here with a bottle of Firewine, looking over paperwork by the glow of candle and my hearth when Verse creeps in with a thoughtful expression and two silken scarves poorly hidden in his hands.
“I would like your assistance in trying something I read about recently.” He states. I agree….

WHAT is he reading?!?! By the GODS! Now I am not complaining in the least…but that was…new. Its been 3 hours and I am blissfully sore. The storm is still raging outside and the candle is burnt out. I sit here finishing my Firewine and writing in my journal as he is completely sacked out in a worn out slumber, a small smile playing across his face. Once our…‘experiment’ was done, he had mumbled “That…should be done again.” before slipping into sleep. I had to gently pry myself out of his grip to be able to get up from bed. And they all said it was against his will! HA! If they could have seen him tonight! I should finish my paperwork and got to sleep. Tho if the storm continues into the morning I may be canceling classes. The wind is blowing things about, and it may be too dangerous for the students to venture outside. And half of our classes are held outdoors. Maybe I can convince Verse to stay in too. I am sure there is plenty for him to be able to study from in the safety of our quarters….



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