Temple of Embers

Winter yr 6: Yule celebrations

Winter yr 6: Yule celebrations

Aaah another Yule, has come and gone. We celebrate here with a feast, presents from parents shipped in from all over the world, decorations and a 3 day period of no classes. Contests, story telling, singing…we get sillier every year. Handmade gifts are encouraged to be passed out between students and faculty alike. We have an ever growing “string” that is hung in the great hall of items representing each student or their homeland. Each year it gets longer. One per student. Everything from small carved arrows to shells to tiny potion bottles filled with desert sand. Each has the students name painted on it somewhere. We have something similar hanging in the Staff hall as well.

This year I had requested a decorative quill to be sent to me for Verse to use in his book from the Spire in the Plains. Its a lovely gold piece with tiny sapphire chips circling the tip. Thanks to our favorite jewelers. And a new leather book strap for him to use to carry his book. Sturdy, secure just with easy to open clasps for when he needs to whip it out in a hurry.
Verse got me a new glove to wear over my gauntlet. Lovely piece of leatherwork. Dyed black with white stitching. Upon the back of the glove, directly over the hand was a lovely image stitched in white. Two crossed swords with a sphere in the center over the crossed section of the swords. I looked confused at the image, tho it was so pretty. He shrugged and smiled at me, “Something from your lineage, for you to discover in the future. I did some homework. Try it on.” He said. I did…or tried to. The was something tucked into the glove. A small jewel box, with Sudenian and Persinnion mark on it. Inside was a lovely ring, with the tiniest little ruby set it in. i looked up confused since the only jewelry I wear is our old Whisper Ring…just incase. When I did, Verse was on one knee before me. Oh by the Gods! We had talked at length about marriage many times over the years….but he had never…..
I broke. I admit it…just to you journal (and Verse since he was there), I shed a tear. His eyes bore into me as he waited for me to say something.
YOU WIN!” I said as I smacked him atop the head with the glove. I handed him the ring and held out my hand to him. “Yes…I will. Now put it on me you silly man!” We spent the next 3 hours in our quarters. It was a good Yule. I told him. Small…super tiny. Just those here on the island during out Spring vacation. I didnt want anything like that debacle that Coal threw for him and Gaeldieon. That was way over the top in my opinion. He asked about my family. My response was they would know eventually. He shook his head. “Fine but you WILL wear a dress as per tradition.” he stated. I wanted to slap the man! But said, “Fine! And you will wear something other then those robes of yours.” He agreed. Then all is settled. I shall be married in the Spring. Oh Gods…what am getting myself into?!



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