Secretary to the High Priestess of Ehmbyr in Shard


Cleric Lvl 15


During Season 1, Athuvia was a no nonsense secretary to the High Priest of Ehmbyr in Shard. She took no slack from anyone and put many people in their place. She often was accompanied by Aide Letia, High Priest Beltephon’s granddaughter and keeper. He was known for his absentmindedness, so while Athuvia kept his schedual, Letia kept him on it.

Later when he abdicated his role to Oret Tavia, she continued on as the secretarial administrator, taking great pleasure in swamping the newly resurrected old High Priestess in paperwork. Since Letia was no longer able to help (she had left with her Grandfather), she loved doing it. While adventurers, and many people would often try to get past the doors with little more than a smile, she would not allow it. You had to be on her list, or risk being turned out of the Halls.

She later abdicated her role in Shard to move to the Blue after Season 1 came to a close.


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