Idarra Kal-tuvins

High Priestess of Asnez in Nestz


Cleric Lvl. 14 / Divine Scion Lvl. 5


She is known as the Priestess of the Silver Flame. The reasoning behind this is actually because of her immense power as a Cleric of Asnez. She is often thought of as chosen as she entered the priesthood in her younger years, lying about her age in order to get in and provide for her poverty stricken family.

What really sets her apart is the Blessing of the Silver that she has. All her weapons and spells are divinely blessed by Asnez. All appears engulfed in a silver flame. The reason for this is when she originally took her test to become a Cleric, teh flame manifested itself in her aura and in all of her magics.

She is often compared to Oret Tavia.

Idarra Kal-tuvins

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