Juvallia Beastborn

High inquisitor and High priestess of Thath Lores


Cleric 12 / Inquisitor 7


Juvallia is simply the strangest Inquisitor known in all of the clerics of Sarass. It was oft thought that she had a rather strange proclivity for magic and justice. She was an orphaned child who was raised in the wild by a hunter who found her walking around in the woods. However, she did not realize that she had the gift of magic until robbers came by and once again tried to rob her of what little family she had.

Her penchant for magic was found along with her penchant for justice and it was that a wandering cleric of Sarass found her and then brought her into the fold. It was around this time that she swiftly rose through the ranks of the clericy and then became an inquisitor. As an inquisitor, she made it her life work to hunt down demons. The crown on her head is her lasting achievement of her ability to hunt them down as well as what she used in her rise to the top.

Juvallia Beastborn

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