Party Treasury

Inside New Bag of Holding...


Plat- 724

Gold- 19,725

Silver- 1

Copper- 412

IOUs- 14,450 Gp to Temple of Aznez in the plains

Gems / BeGemmed Items

1 Chest of Uber Gems (4 lvls- 12 gems/lvl) <48>

27 BeGemmed Books of the Planes <which> (books of Magma, Air, Shadow, Earth and Fire have been ‘given away’. Fire in Garrett’s possession)

2 Fetishes against Avatar Magic (unused)

Armor / Weapons

*Pair of Moldy Boots
*Pair of gloves

Magic Items


*Magic Fang
*Owls Wisdom
*Protection from Law
*2x- Dark Vision
*Mage Armor
*Greater Magic Weapon +4
*Cure Moderate Wounds
*Enlarge Person
*Cure Light Wounds x2
*Bottled Lightening

Misc. Items

*20 days Trail Rations
*Statuette of Emyber
*Charred Map
*Thieves Tools
*6x- Sunrods
*7x- Torches
*2x- Flint/Steel
*2x- Waterskins
*Random humanoid skull from lockbox in Under Caverns
*Aged paper: Code and drawing of a brick wall
*Old Map- Secret Vault Entrance
*Old Map- To secondary stairs to cavern below vaults
*Old Map- To Lamilla’s Well

  • Cardinal B’s personal writ for consumables: potions, etc…..

Party Treasury

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