Temple of Embers

Will this EVER end??
Jera's Journal

So Navia called us up to the main deck because some SKY PIRATES were attacking us! I shit you not. We kicked their arses and she poisoned them the same way she did us…making them part of what she calls “Her Drapt”. I think they were just happy to be part of the living still.

Puc can now read Draconic and Zuirl is now a full member of the Fades’ Thieves Guild. Met a man there named Tomes that used to Oret Tavia’s niece’s lover. Kinda left out the fact that we have poor Belgamina’s body in our possession. Didn’t wanna shake the old guy up. Plus I am sure he knows a 100 ways to kill us with out batting an eye lash.

We got the final piece of BatShit by tricking a secret society of the Clerics of Vehu to attend a dinner ‘In their honor’ hosted by Navia. They are ALL in her drapt now! Tomes helped a lot too. All we have to do is wake Belgamina, go thru the universal god gate and place all the pieces. So glad this is almost over!!!

Wonder what raising a god looks like? Wonder what will happen? I mean I do like my companions okay, and I have a new goal. Verse. He is so sweet…so meek…so…pure. I want to make that boy see stars while screaming to his choice of gods!!! He claims he is too young, but I dont think he knows much about the aging of people like me. Since my dad is an Elf, I age slower. According to my kind…I am but a teen like he is. Been a ‘teen’ for more years yeah…but our ages aren’t much different! I want to show him there is more to life then his spiffy book of spiffyness!! Its good that Fat Man scares him…then he comes to me for protection. I’ll protect him! I will also show him the skills I picked up over the years too!!! Got a chance to give him a quick kiss on the ship…he turned red and acted like I attacked him!! Just wait…he will eventually enjoy my “attacks”!! Oh…well its time for us to gather up our things and get to the universal gate! More to come!!!

HRM Jackass
Puc's Chronicle

So the next morning after the battle we were granted access to under the temple. One of the clerics showed us a secret passage under the statue of Lif. I wonder if all the temples are like this? Anyways, we made our way down into the temple and I was surprised to see a complete city under the temple. It was amazing, someone mentioned upon entering the city it looked like Dwarven architecture. It was cool either way, but why was this city under the temple of Lif? Well anyways, we met the queen, or who we thought was the queen. Instead the King just fooled us into thinking a peasant child was the queen. Instead the King in question was named HRM Joren, who was in fact a freakin vampire. It was then that I realized that everyone down here were of the undead type! So they told us that they would help us if we helped them. Basically he gave me a ring and told me to wear it. He told me that some of my blood would be siphoned into a huge hourglass for them to use in the battle against the clerics of Lif. Oh yeah, and those vamps we fought? Constructs. All of them. Fuckin’ A. So I put on the ring and it grew spikes and dug into my finger slowly transforming into a gauntlet if you will. I couldn’t pull it off…tricky fuckin king. So after that he showed us to the god road where we then took our leave to Jatix.

I swear to god If I ever get this ring off i’m going to go back and drag HRM Jackass out by his robes into the sunlight and eat popcorn as I watch him burn…I feel sleepy….

Been a while
Jera's Journal

So I have had almost no time the past couple of weeks to write. So I am taking advantage of the face I am in a room in a FLYING ship to do so. Yes…a flying ship, I will get into that in a bit.

Lets see….we have 4 pieces of the BatShit goddess and a duplicate. Got to the city with the main temple of Aznez and was in a coliseum battle to the death…TWICE! Once with everyone to get entry into the temple and once because the Clerics of Sarass came to arrest us for something we didnt do.

You see while there, Puc and Ronin were arrested by the Inquisitors while we were trying to remove the piece of BatShit from a cleric of Sarass. Anyhoo…we snuck into the temple via Linda’s traveling and ended up in the dungeons. Oops! Well out of no where this white haired assassin appeared and…wait let me back up. So Gorag and Coal started fight with each other once we hit the dungeons. Well that got bad and Coal shot Flaming hands at Gorag. Did I mention that Gorag is a gunslinger and carries GUNPODWER?! Well the gunpowder exploded…rocking the whole temple. This knocked them out cold. I used that time, and the debris laying about to teach them a lesson. We won’t go into that. But then Linda and I woke them up and yelled at them. THEN the assassin showed up from the shadows. She picked a fight. Apparently she worked for the head Inquisitor/ High Cleric of Sarass. Spells and blades were flung about. Suddenly the ceiling caved in (thank you Coal and Gorag for your lovers spat). At one point I was about to be skewered on this bitch’s scythe when out of the hole in the ceiling the High Inquisitor fell landing in front of me. On her way down she came in contact with the assassin’s blade….oops! She landed in two pieces. The assassin looked at the body and put her weapon away! She proclaimed she had no need to kill me now since her employer was dead. Her name is Moira. After that we heard a shriek and Puc and Ronin fell thru the floor. Ronin shot off a Feather Fall and Puc clung to him on the way down. Linda announce “Now that we are all together again…” and pulled out her necklace and Traveled us to the desert. She had words with Moira, apparently they know each other. We went one way and Moira went another.

So fast forward to the city of Aznez, the Clerics of Sarass blamed US for their Cleric’s death and wanted to arrest us for it. Well thanks to Puc’s quick tongue, we had a Trial by Combat. And they all chose me to be the one to go into the coliseum again to fight as their “Champion”. It was HARD, but I won. Charges dropped. But the priestess of Aznez wasn’t thru with us. She knew what we were up to and HANDED us the piece of BatShit! Said she was okay with what we were doing since it would end up in war and that is what Aznez was all about.

SHITE! So much has happened I forgot- While we were there in the temple of Aznez…I think we found the place we have to put all the pieces of BatShit together! They have TWO God Gates. One below the temple which was the ‘real’ one and one in the main room that all the Clerics there thought was just for decoration! It had NEVER been used. Well the first time in after our original win in the coliseum, it had been activated somehow and 6 clerics were dead. So we offered to be the morons who went in to inspect what may have happened. Once inside, we saw nothing but ash and soot. Found a corridor leading to a room with a HUGE fire pit and 8 pillars circling it. Each pillar had a Gods’ rune and a piece just the size of the pieces of BatShit. Just so you know….this place is creepy. I hate that we eventually have to go back. Apparently the 2 hours we were in this other place of Ash was actually a whole day gone at the temple of Aznez!!! We got back and faced the charges from Sarass.

The head of Clerics of Aznez had a private chat with Linda and Linda wasnt allowed to leave with us. She called MOIRA!!! And told her she had to travel with us and keep us safe! So we left with Moira and she took us to a Gypsy caravan. The head of caravan is a busty woman named Navia. And she…poisoned us. Now we are her bitches since she is the only woman that can keep us alive due to this dust she poisoned us with! THANKS MOIRA!!!

Well instead of traveling the way Linda does, Navia has a flying ship! And here we are, on her ship…‘sailing’ above the sands. Oh shit! What now?! Navia is calling us to the helm!!!

Another Mission
Jera's Journal

So the screaming was a Gnomish sorceress named Puc and a Orc gunslinger named Gorag the Loud. They were stuck in a trap and hanging from the ceiling being gnawed upon by more Hell Hounds. We got them down and they joined us.

We continued along the endless corridors looking for the library and spoke with Oret Tavia’s ghost. God I wish my parents could see this shit! Taking Oret Tavia’s directions we found the library (well after fighting a mimic and nearly plummeting to my death via a trapped lever). Once inside we found the trigger to another trap and nearly got our souls ripped out of us and was saved by ANOTHER ghost. The ghost of Bellgamina, Oret Tavia’s niece who happens to be the Librarian there. We also bumped into a sorcerer named Ronin in the library. He apparently was searching for it too, but not for the Cardinal. We had to destroy the way into the library by collapsing the tunnels leading to it. Then LIE to Barenzia convincingly might I add, that the entrance collapsed due to a trap. And that we were unable to get into the library proper. He FINALLY bought it.

But while we were inside the library, we learned the truth about Coal’s crazy Goddess. And now we are seeking to find the pieces of her that were torn away and hidden by other gods. WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO?! But I will follow thru on this quest, since I gave my word to my companions. One thing Da taught us, never go back on your word. It is the worst thing you can do, besides murder of course.

So we have to go from city to city, visiting and umm…plundering the temples of the other gods to get these pieces. FUN! But on the upside- I get to visit many more cities! But, before we could start on our new quest, Barenzia sent us on a job in the desert to a archaeological dig. A new…er…old temple of Ehmbyr was found and being excavated and they were having….issues. So he sent us to a Gypsy caravan that was headed that way. They were to help us travel to the dig site.

Once arriving at the caravan we met RosaLinda…beg your pardon, don’t call her Rose. And found out she could travel like the Gypsy Rose in my Da’s stories. I asked her if she used Traveling Powder. She glared at me and said NO! Then removed her necklace and used IT to make the world move and suddenly we were about 2 hrs outside the dig instead of 2 wks away! AMAZING!

At the dig we found a God Gate, a contraption of magic that lets priests and clerics travel from one temple to another instantly….and a piece of Ehmbyr. We also discovered how crooked the priests of Ehmbyr were. The one heading the dig tried to kill us, since we were able to get into the ruins relativity unscathed and his people weren’t. They all died! I opened the door by humming the same note that the door was emitting. Apparently no one else heard it, but it opened for me! TAKE THAT brother dear! Wish I could rub that into Durc’s face! He always like to lord over me since I had no magical aptitude at all! I bet HE wouldn’t have figured out how to open the door!

Oh well, We kicked the Priest into a hole and ran out. Linda traveled us to the outside of the main city of the God Leif. They are nuts….but their temple had GRASS! Real, living lush grass! I couldn’t help but to flop down into it. I realized how much I missed green! The smell of fresh grass was amazing and made me homesick a bit.

While there we met a crazy priest named Cadfile and a Vampire lord that lived UNDER the city with his followers, unbeknownst to the city above and its inhabitants. He helped us get the next piece of Ehmbyr and sent us on the Gods Road….after he tricked Puc into wearing a ring that bound her to him. Oppsies! We’ll figure something out. For now she seems okay.

Now were are on the road to the next city, the next temple and the next piece of the BatShit Goddess…..

Still here- Under the Temple
Jera's Journal

I have lost track of the days down here. Sometime ago, I went to sleep after my watch and when I woke, the gunslinger and the dwarf were gone! They just vanished. Coal was supposed to be on watch with the dwarf and he was sleeping when I woke up. I think….he ate them! I am not sure of course….but he didnt pull out much food that day. The man is odd.

We are totally lost down here now. We have found bits of old maps, some trinkets and keys. Met a man named Verse. Apparently he is something called a Continuator. They write down important moments in history or something. He also chronicles the lives of people. We ‘hired him’, since he had to travel with us to get out. Apparently he was following the last group of morons down here for the kobold problem and they all died.

We had to fight some wax golems. That was scary! We ended up in this one room and there was a woman inside. She at first was covered in head to toe in filthy robes and I shouted “Sir! Who are you? Show yourself” or something. She lifted her robes and showed us her bare lady parts and proclaimed “I am a woman thank you!” Said her name was Sister Verinia. I call her Open Clam or Stinky Calm depending on my mood. She was furious that we were in the tombs. We tried explaining that we had been HIRED by the temple to deal with the kobolds. She stated the kobold problem was no where near where we were now. So I informed her, that if you send people into tunnels below a temple with out a map…with as maze-like as this place is, they are bound to get lost- as we did. We were looking for a way back up to the temple for our payment. She lost her mind and demand we leave the tombs at once. I said “Hello! Just said we were trying to! Lost here!” she sighed and commanded us to follow her. So we did.

Once back upstairs she went to a Cleric .He wanted us to go back down and look for some sort of artifacts. Apparently that is what Verinia was looking for. And he mentioned we would be paid for it. Deal! I need money! Verinia was yelled at some since she didnt want us along and we were sent back down here….again.

Found some stuff that might be what the cleric wanted. Went back up…Nope! Not even close. But it wasnt the same Cleric we were hired by. It was a Cardinal Barinzia. He asked us repeatedly to describe the man who hired us. Apparently…that guy was NOT a cleric or priest of the Temple! Who’da thunk it? But since we had been down there…He had need of us to find a Library of some long dead lady. So back into the darken abyss we went.

So here we are….back in the BOWELS of the temple. fighting creatures and dodging traps. UGH! Just fought some Hell Hounds….is that screaming I hear??

Under the Temple
Jera's Journal

So we have been down here for what seems like forever. Had some…accidents along the way. On day 2 we were battling a herd, a pack…whatever of kobolds and as I went to swing my sword at one…I slipped in some kobold blood on the floor and….umm….accidently decapitated my Orcish companion. I was mortified! I was basically told shit happens, still felt bad tho. We bumped into a crazy Dwarf who looked like a pile of rubbish at first glance. She had a STUFFED kolbold baby she carried around named Elijah. Apparently she killed and stuffed it herself. She is creepy. She has a opening on the back of “Elijah’s” head for her hand so she can make the mouth move like its talking! Fat Cleric keeps pulling food out of his robes. Its so weird! Last night he pulled out a turkey leg and started to eat. This morning he pulled out some fruit filled pastry. Its kind of nauseating. I have no clue how long the food has been hidden, and if its even good to eat! I mean if he dies of food poisonin I WILL NOT carry his fat ass out of here! But on the upside….we have a sack full of heads and we just started another sack! GOLD!!!!

Jera's Journal

SHARD! Finally reached this damned place…thank the Gods! The city is gorgeous! The buildings are sandstone marvels. I can’t imagine people working so hard in this heat to build these things. All of the shops and homes have these lovely braziers and a certain symbol by their doors with a flame in them. There are statues of this lady everywhere. I asked one lady in the marketplace who she was and she gaped at me like I had 3 head and said “That is our Lady Embyer of course!” then spat at my feet! WHAT in the 9 Hells!? Pardon me! I a’int from around these parts lady!

I past this one shop with a different Symbol by the door and heard two really loud voices with thick accents of some kind. Sounds like an interesting place! Too bad I have no need of jewels, since apparently that is what that shop specializes in. But I found myself a small inexpensive inn and that is where I have been staying the past 4 days. The Barkeep told me if I wanted to find some work to check Vo-Miss-era Embyer or something like that. Apparently its the temple to “Their Lady Embyer” in the center of the city. Its HUGE! It looks like the outside is a giant set of steps on all side…but WAAAY to big to actually climb. The actual stairs are forever long and steep to get into it, but after a million days in the sands, climbing them was a breeze. I walked inside and had to catch my breath. It was so bright in there! It seemed an endless amount of flames inside. The place, which I expected to be dim was awash with light. I walked over to a priest and HIS HEAD was on FIRE! I am not kidding! Instead of hair he had flames!!! My first reaction was…well the wrong one. I threw the contents of my waterskin on his head. He yelled at me. I said I thought he needed help since his HEAD WAS ON FIRE! Just as he was about to throw me out, another man in priestly garb came over and said “Not from around here are you?” I sheepishly shook my head and explained why I had done what I had done. He nodded and smiled. He then turned to the other priest and said “Brother, do you not have duties to attend to? I shall take care of this obvious traveler from far, who meant no harm. Its is a good thing she has such a kind heart. If you HAD been on fire, she would have saved you. But alas, she knows nothing of our Goddess or our ways.Off with you!” The first priest bowed and scurried off. Then the man turned to me, “How can we at the temple of Embyer help you Lady Warrior?”

I told him I was looking for work and his eyes lit up. “Really? Well I have just the job for you.” Then he proceeded to tell me about a Kobold infestation they were having in the bowels of the temple. He had a team that he was putting together and they were about head into the basement this afternoon to start to eliminate the problem. If I was interested, I should follow him. So I did. We traveled down some winding corridors finally ending up at a large door. Inside were 3 people waiting, a human with a set of guns strapped to his hip, a half orc female with a large poleaxe and an obese human priest from the temple. I had never seen a being so big before. Was he being sent down to EAT the kolbolds? The fat man was introduced at Cleric Coal of Vo-miss-whatever Embyer. The man then proceeded to tell us we would be paid by the number of heads we collected, to prove we were actually taking care of the problem. And that we were to keep our business down in the under caverns quiet, they didnt want to alarm the citizens of Shard to such an unsightly problem. We would be returning the heads to him and him alone for payment. We all agreed and he opened a small door that lead to a stairwell down into the heart of the temple. Hence we began our job of smiting kolbolds…..

Puc's Chronicle

So we arrived in Ikkens today. The city is more or less built like a military base, it’s pretty scary. We had to wait in line to tell some sorry shmuck who looked like was pussy whipped by some prissy cleric that was standing behind him that we were just pilgrims. Yet another lie of course. We got in and made our way to the temple after being horribly side tracked by something…can’t remember what, after that concussion my memory’s been a little bit off, but it’s getting better! We made our way to the huge pillar looking thing that was Lif’s temple. It was actually really pretty. It was a pillar alright, but it had small saplings and plant-life growing out of it. We walked in and the floor was nothing but grass. It was amazing! I hadn’t seen grass in what felt like ages! I immediately threw myself down on the floor and laid there for a minute, reveling in the feel of it against my skin. I was surprised to see Jera flop down next to me. I didn’t know she was from the rocky plains as well! Oh well, you learn something new everyday.

The party summoned us up off the grass, and to my disappointment I complied. We did have a mission and all. We proceeded to walk past heavily armored clerics to get to the main cleric who ran everything. Turns out he appeared to be just out of the booby hatch. His name was father Cadfile. He started talking to us and telling us that if we wanted to get a tour of the temple that we had to help fight. So we agreed because apparently the people i’m with don’t know how to say no. He led us to a huge armory and opened the doors for us to chose our weapon. All the weapons in this vault were silver or silver plated. Great. We agreed to fight off Vampires. Of all the things…After that we went and rested for that nights battle.

We woke up around 8 ish and found the sun had just gone over the ridge. We immediately reported to the temple and found all the battle clerics and father Cadfile waiting for us. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long because as soon as we reached the ranks we turned around to see fog and mist racing through the streets towards us. We immediately went into battle. I killed 1 or 2 myself but Jera and Linda did the most killing. I was kind of envious, but in the end I like my magic just fine. We fended them off for that night, but a few of them escaped. Oh well, they said they come back every night so it doesn’t really matter, we did what we were supposed to. We returned our weapons and went to go back to bed.

God gate
Puc's Chronicle

So we explored the small temple out in the dessert. Turned out all clerics or whatever of Ehmbyr have to be complete and utter douchebags. It’s in their job description. We met a woman named Rosealind and she’s pretty cool. She’s what they call a gypsy! I don’t really know what a gypsy is, but they’re cool in my book. She’s going to be traveling with us I think….OH and she has these magic crystals that are just mind blowing! She moved a WHOLE caravan with them! People and all!!! I think I like her…or just her magic. Anyways, we were escorted down into the temple by a shaking sand elf. She had told us that they had bought in mages to try to read the magical script on the door, to see if that was the way to open it of course…but it wasn’t, and they all died. Oops. So we looked all around to see if we could open the doors…and Jera managed to open them by HUMMING of all things…

So oh goody, we get to go into another temple of the crazy god. We looked around for a while and didn’t really find anything but a fire elemental…yep. Go us! It fled as we were about to kill it though. After that we did find something called a god gate though…it wasn’t active, or maybe it was. Can’t really remember, didn’t really care that much. I just don’t really wanna die anytime soon. Apparently though these things link the temples of Ehmbyr to each other…or the ones that have god gates in them. Things are starting to heat up. Oh yes and I’ve come to hate the fat one. Well, I guess I need to get some sleep because we’re leaving…YET AGAIN…for another temple…

My head....
Puc's Chronicle

Oh god….my head….Apparently i’ve been concust for the past 36 hours… I have no recollection of anything i’ve seen, heard, or done! It’s aweful. I woke up on a floor pillow in a lavish looking shop with Jera. I sat up and the jewelers; Persinian and Sudian introduced themselves…my god they talk a lot, and not only do they talk a lot but they talk in complete circles! It’s crazy! But I like them, they’re good people. On the other hand, I heard that Jera kept poking me and tormenting me every time I fell asleep. It’s good I guess that she was concerned for my health, but really? Did she have to put me through all the abuse!?

I don’t remember much of the temple, but now I hear we’re being sent to the dessert to check out some archaeological did of another Temple of Ehmbyr. Great, more temple hoping….


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