Temple of Embers

Jera's Journal

So I joined a caravan heading out of Cyphona a few months ago. They were hiring some sell swords to be guards to protect their cargo. Not bad. Their is only one other female among the 10 hired for the job. She is a bitter women, and I think…I think she is sleeping with one of the wagon drivers named Annaline.

We had to fend off some giant wolves the other night. Nicoli, a hired sword was mauled to death. It was a cruel way for the world to say hello. I knew there were dangers, but didnt think they would rear there ugly heads so soon. Must keep my wits about me and be more focused. Lindren had fallen asleep that night during his watch which is why the wolves were able to surprise us all. What an arse! I mean, he falls asleep- puts us all in danger and he lives? Not a scratch on him either.

Can’t believe how hot it is now that we have come down the mountain. Chain mail is not proper summer traveling attire. How could Da wear this?? Ugh! But I know this thing will save my hide, guess I have no choice. But man! once we stop for the night I smell just like a rubbish heap! Good thing the merchant had soap he was going to be selling. I paid for 3 bars after two days of being with this wagon train.

I cant believe I am rambling so. Note to self…never accept wine from a gypsy! We helped a small group of them earlier today with a broken wagon wheel. They offered to camp with us tonight and cook us all a meal as thanks. They made the most delicious stew! I was about to ask them what was in it and Annaline told me not to. Come to think of it, she told me not to drink the wine either. My head feels funny. Light…airy. The music smells wonderful…..maybe I will join the dance…..

Jera's Journal
Spring...the first long road
So here I am sitting in this shitty Inn after telling Durc my plans. I can’t believe he treated me like such a child! I thought he would support me like Da did. How DARE he tell me I should go home, marry Daelen Vomond and settle down! REALLY!?! I mean, Daelen is nice, quite handsome but that is not what I want. Not now anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t have come to Cyphona first. Maybe I should have just sent him a letter from some far away city telling him that I was out seeing the world. I told him what I promised Da and he groaned. He said since I promised that I was SURE to meet some gruesome demise now. That I had tempted Fate, and she LOVED that. I feel bad we parted on such bad terms. I think I shall write him a letter and have it delivered when I leave. I will tell him how much I love him, and can’t wait to see the day he becomes a great mage like our Great Grand Da. I wonder if I will ever be able to find out where Mother and Da lived before. I know that my Great Grandparent may still be alive. I mean come on…Elves live practically forever right? I would love to meet them! That shall be my goal: see the world and find my family. One day I will….this I promise myself! But its late and there is some creepy dwarf that keeps winking at me. UGH! His beard is grayer then a summer storm cloud! I shouldn’t have stayed down here in the bar. Off to bed for me. Tomorrow I travel on.
I gotta get the hell out of here!
Puc's Chronicle

So a couple of weeks past uneventfully. I joked with my friends (although Gergy was still in shock over the gruesome dead of his boss) I played with my little brother and I practiced my magic. I was getting really good at the arcane arts. I was the first real sorceress in my bloodline, everybody else wasn’t really good at magic but for some reason I had been born with an innate talent for it! I used my cantrips to dazzle my little brother Phen. He’s only 24. After a while of playing hide and go seek with him (while I was using the cantrip to whisper from a distance) I decided to go out and see my friends.

We met down by the river on the outskirts of the village to go fishing and possibly swimming. We played and talked and then one of my friends decided it would be funny to play dead in the middle of the river. What I did next scared the crap out of me. I walked over to him and tried to get him to answer some silly question. When he didn’t answer I shoved his face further into the water…and just held his head there. My friends were too busy talking among themselves to realize he was thrashing in agony and fear, and that he was NOT playing. It wasn’t until he stopped that I pulled my hand away from his head and realized what I had done. My friends finally looked over and saw my face, the tears running down my face and the look of dread plastered on it. They ran over and pushed me away from my friends limp body. I stumbled and fell back into the river, still looking up at them. As they were carrying him to the village doctor one of them turned around and only said one thing.


I ran as fast as I could to my house. I damn near broke down the door running into it. I didn’t stop for my moms voice or my little brothers, even though it killed me inside to hear him asking my mom why I was crying. I lept on the bed and cried for what seemed like hours until I finally couldn’t cry anymore and fell asleep.

My mother woke me up in the middle of the night and told me the time had unfortunately come to tell me the truth; the truth about why I have my magical ability, the reason why i’ve been acting the way I have…All of it. She sat me down and told me that when I was born My mother and father had been overjoyed. They had wanted a little girl and had tried so hard for one. I was my mothers little miracle and there was nothing anybody could do to change that. However the joy vanished when my mother had noticed a scar on my fathers hand one night. A long, ugly scar that went along the whole length of his palm. She tried to persuade him to tell her where he had gotten the scar. My father was apparently always an honest man with a huge sense of humor, but he dared not tell her where he got the scar. She left it alone but it ate at her for days. Something had not been right. She finally after days of fighting finally got him to tell her where the scar was from. He had made a deal with a demon one day while out hunting. The demon appeared to him in the guise of an old man, so my father decided to sit down and tell him of his woes. How him and his wife wanted children but no matter how hard they tried they seemed to fail. The old man then proceeded to pull out a oddly shaped knife and slit his hand. The old man smiled and told my father that if he were to cut and shake his hand, he could guarantee that they would be able to bare children the next time he tried. My father without thinking about the consequences, cut himself upon the blade and shook the mans hand.

The old man then shed his guise and there standing before my father was a demon. The demon told my father that he would indeed bare children, but they would have his abyssal bloodline running through their veins as well and would soon follow on the path of evil, that the demons legacy would yet again live on in another victim. And with that he was gone.

I cried as my mother stopped speaking and looked up at me, tears lining her own eyes. She hugged me and apologized to me for not telling me sooner. I just hugged her back, that was all I really could do. She told me that the elder knew, and if it ever came to it, he would have me personally killed.

My mother leaned back and put my hands on the sides of my face.
“Run Puc, far away from here and never look back. I believe in you, you can beat this. I will be happy as long as I know you are alive.” She told me. I busted into tears but nodded not fully comprehending what was happening as of yet.

After she left I packed my things I went to my little brothers room and kissed him on the forehead. It was so hard to know that I probably was never going to see him again. I walked out of the room and down the stairs only to be greeted by my mother and my friend Sheshgar. He had been my best friend as long as I could remember. He smiled sadly at me and hugged me.
“I want you to take Burvir” He said, motioning to his dog that I played with every time I saw him. I started to wale. I didn’t want to leave everything I knew, I felt like I wanted to die, the world was so unfair. But I took the oversized dog, climbed onto his back and rode out of the city in the dead of night.

I looked back with tears in my eyes

“goodbye” I whispered and never looked back again.

Bakers funeral
Puc's Chronicle

It got worse. Oh it got so much worse. My friend Gergy came to see me this morning…dressed in dark purple. Apparently they couldn’t stabilize his boss over night and he passed early this morning. When he told me I couldn’t do anything but stand there. My heart sunk down into my stomach and I felt sick. Not only at the news but at myself. Why did I ever think that stupid joke was going to be a good idea?! Where did I come up with such a stupid thing in the first place?! I have no idea…but I felt like crying. So after I gave him my condolences (which was horrible because of the fact that I had not RIGHT in the first place) I closed the door and went back to my bed…and cried. I’m normally not a cry baby, but I had just killed a man, how much worse could this get!?

I think i’m sick…real sick.

What's happening to me?
Puc's Chronicle

So lately i’ve been feeling weird. Y’know, that kind of weird where your friends tell you your changing but you just don’t see how your acting any different? Yeah, that kind of changing. I mean i’ve always played tricks on people, it’s fun! But lately…I don’t know, I’ve been feeling a bit…Evil. My friend Gergy works at our local bakery and today I thought about messing with him, y’know, the normal stuff: Unscrewing the salt shakers, mixing different baking ingredients, and so forth. Today wasn’t normal though. I went in to do all that stuff…but instead, I ended up thinking it was a good idea to rig up a gun powder pouch so when they opened the oven, it would fall in…It did. His boss got hurt real bad. Nobody knows who did it, but I do. I’m slightly scaring myself, I don’t know what’s happening to me! I’m just scared that whatever this is, is going to get worse…a lot worse! I think I need to sleep on this…maybe things will be better in the morning…

At least…I hope.


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