Temple of Embers

Season 1 Overview

This is an Overview of Season one, known as “the Heresy of Ehmbyr”.

At the beginning, there were several false starts for the adventurers…

Part 1 – The Delving

It all began in Vo Mesera Ehmbyr in the Red Desert. The temple had called for adventurers far and wide amongst the sands to come to the Grand temple of Ehmbyr, the Goddess of Fire and Keeper for the Dead, to help with an infestation problem within the Temple.

Two advenrurers came forwards, a red headed warrior and an elvin thief. The problem was that someone was going into the Halls of the Dead and stealing from the bodies and urns that were placed down there. The clerics in the temple wanted it to stop. So there was an intent to make sure that that happened. While searching for the problem and following what it may be, it was soon discovered that it was Kobolds that were down there. The kobolds were taking parts and pieces and offerings that had been left for dead. It needed to be stopped. Several forays into the dark unfortunatly meant the end of the rouge. Jera was forced to step it up once more and returned to the surface. There she met with a cleric who healed her wounds and then decided to travel with her. Along with an orcish warrior, a magical gunslinger, and another thief, they ventured back down into the catacombs and Halls of the Dead.

Part 2 – The Kobold Mennace

Kobolds can be tricky, and rather messy too. It was in the deapths of Vo Mesera Ehmbyr that the Adventurers take to the cleric Brother Mazarin’s advice and in the effort of keeping the mennace quite, take a deal from him. For the heads of the Kobolds he would pay good money, and only if they came to him and him alone. Agreeing upon teh price, they are led to the Halls of the Dead once more and continue on their explorations downwards into Shard’s underbelly.

On the second day however, tragedy strikes as the warrior Jera’s sword slips and hacks the orcish woman’s head off in the midst of battle.

Killing kobolds along the way there were people who were met in the depths. A strange druidic female dwarf who was in the darkness below the temple attempted to help. She offered the help of her friend “Elijah” who turned out to be a stuffed Kobold that the druid used as not only a puppet, but a holy symbol to her faith in the gods.

There were strange goings on below. The dwarf agreed to help them if only they were not to disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem she protected. The hired adventureres continued deeper into the catacombs and continued to battle the kobold infestation.

Part 3 – The Continuator

Several days pass in the midst of the underground caverns, filled with the blood of Kobolds, their Shammans, and the insidious traps they used that seemed more like a child’s antics than actual ruination. Bags of flour, caltrops, random flasks of burning oil… The Kobolds were well versed in the tactics of gurellia warfare, but the adventures continued to press on and their advantage as well.

At a rest point, the Cleric Coal takes watch duty and falls asleep due to the sleeping spells of the druid. As he does, the gunslinger and the dwarf both vanish in the night. Upon waking, the groupd decides that they are most likely victim to the insidious Kobolds and press further into the nest that they have found, destroying all!

It is after such a battle that they find a survivor from another group of people who were exploring the deapths of Shard. They too had been hired by the same Brother Mazarin, but were unable to withstand the onslaught. The survivor’s name is Verse, and he is a part of the Grand continuator’s Guild – a continuator without anyone to chronicle. In return for rescuing him, the group decides to hire him in order to protect him as well as benefit from the Continuators themselves.

Part 4 – The Cleric known as ClamShell

The group continues through the maze of underground caverns and bump into another traveler there. More likely not a traveler but another Cleric of Ehmbyr whom they mistake for a man at first. The cleric’s name was Sister Varenia and she was a part of the Archialogical Guild.

Arguing the merits of why they are where they are, it soon comes to a head. Sister Varenia is not pleased that they are where they are and decides that they must go before her superiors. Comanding the adventurers to follow her, she takes them to see her supirior, Brother Aditi. The Brother frowns at their getting lost below the temples, but is quite understanding. He offers to take care of their Kobold Heads, and on top of that, offers them another job to go with the good (yet crabby) Sister and hunt for Artifacts, they Cardinal Berenzia.

The Cardinal is the head of the Arhiological Guild of the temple of Ehmbyr and is not happy to see Sister Varenia so soon again. Upon hearign what she had to tell him, he offeres the group

Part – The Hidden Temple

In the deapths they were foced to come back up for air, but they soon discovered a temple to the God Lif down below with a rather complex puzzle of doors. They discovered another puzzle that involved the seasons and keys.

After wandering around the hidden temple to Lif, they discovered the Keys and opened the door to the next part of the Halls of the Dead, only to discover that it was a secret door to the Tombs of the Holy Sect. This was the room where the previous High priests and priestesses of the Flame were kept rather than in the Halls of the Dead.

It was here that the adventurers stumbled upon the crypt of Oret Tavia, the greatest Priestess of Ehmbyr ever known.

Under Construction

I've found what I wanted

So after a couple days of travel we’ve found the GIANT ASS encampment that we were apparently told about. It looked like a traveling town! Garret went and scouted out and saw over 24,000 people in this place! Well as we were standing there, arguing like idiots a guard saw us and sent out a scouting party to see if we wanted to come into the camp and rest for a few days.

We entered and were immediately taken to the princess. She seemed nice enough but we were still on our guard. Ronin and I decided to look around the camp and we found the mages tent. We helped a mage with one of his experiments and he was elated. Ronin made one of the gnomish mages cry…poor girl. The man wanted to know why I had a lisp and then Ronin decided it was a good idea to pull back my hood. I was then lead to see Carmilla who is an Oracle of Bone apparently. She made me roll the bones and looked at my past and future. She knew what I did and why we were here and advised us against it. She also told me to go see a mage named Montigue. I went to go see him after Ronin and I went to the mess hall to eat. We had a nice conversation with Coal about creating new foods and what-not. I like Coal better now that he’s settled down a little bit. Questing after releasing his god and this “Heresy” made him slightly crazy.

Ronin went back and talked to Carmilla while I went to go talk to this Montigue. He knew why I had come and who had sent me. He talked to me about demons and a gave me a book. The book, from what I skimmed through, had extensive rituals on how to bind and conjure demons. The one thing I did get out of the Oracle was something about a bony thing in leather. Montigue also told me that it would be a good thing to try to get a name of the one who owns my “blood contract”. I need to talk to Montigue some more when we get back.

Oh yeah, Ronin also made a deal with the princess to let us live if we rescue her brother from this ultimate prison called “the spindle”. I’ll probably write after I get back to someplace settling.

Paying off debts

So after we left the hospital wing in the temple of Asnez, we went to go see the high priestess to see what we could do to get our hospital bill payed off (since we’re completely broke at the moment). She told us that we could go to the north and find a woman that has been gathering people against their will to aid her. At first we thought it was Navja, there was lots of sighs to be heard in the room, but then we were told that it was someone who was being called the Arlothian princess. We agreed since it was our only other option at the time.

We set off into the plains. I felt comfortable being back in the open space again, especially since it’s the time of year where the colors of the grass and leaves turn beautiful shades of red and oranges with dashes of yellows here and there. We traversed across the fields until we came across a hallow. The stupid rogue decided to investigate and came out complaining about money or something. I tried to help but he shoved me out of the way…i swear to god i’m going to snap on this motherfucker sooner or later. Anyways shortly after that we followed some owlbear tracks and Jera and Garret decided to go and adopt 3 owlbear cubs of sorts. They didn’t really adopt them since they were talking about selling them but I think Jera’s gotten attached to one.

We set up camp that night. Ronin and I had first watch (which is good for me because we’ve been having sex on a regular basis). Well it was going well until he started talking about seeing people. A dozen people just walking across the plains not really hearing him or seeing him. Then I saw it. A man stopped and started walking towards us and Ronin started walking towards him. He was shrouded in black and black seemed to swirl off of him. They stopped in front of each other and then the thing hit Ronin, sent him flying backwards about 10 feet. I rushed to my feet to help him and I was just glad Jera heard him hit the ground as it woke her up. After our battle Lord Barbakin (this sort of atomaton that upholds the universal law) came back and told us that he slayed about 12 wraiths while we were fighting the one. After that things went pretty uneventful.

On an up-note, I think Ronin and I are starting to develop some sort of official relationship, but i’m not getting my hopes up…It’s going to be fun while it lasts though!

Interesting Developments

So a lot has happened since I last wrote in this damned thing. I will list a few of the major highlights in our journey so far.

We raised Ehmbyr (yay!)
We thought we killed her (boo!)
I got the ring off (Yay!)
We ran into Jackass again and he almost caught me in my lie (Boo!)
We found out that we didn’t kill Ehmbyr (yay!)
But we released things called avatars (which are actually things called dragons) in the process (Boo!)
We can get them back together by building Ehmbyrs prison (which is a tesseract) back together again (yay!)
But in doing so the avatars got their full powers back which means their going to be harder to fight (boo!)
We helped the goddess Ajatar get her powers back by forming a new following in the brothels (Yay!)
In going into her temple in Jatix Ronin was erased from existance from something called a fey (Double Boo!!)
We got him back through the song of creation (yay!)
We released a plague in the process (Boo!)
We’re trying to fix said plague (yay!)
I fell into a coffin full of black stuff after we talked to Old Felicia and she told us about these “wards” (Boo!)
I got the wards now! (yay!)
In trying to rebuild the tesseract we have lit several world pillars (all of Ehmbyrs and Ajatars) and upon trying to light the last pillar of Asnez, I accidently aided in Jera’s death (…oops)

So yeah, that’s what’s been going on. I also can now read draconic since I studied long and hard to figure it out. It’s the ancient language of the avatars (or dragons) and I’m super excited. That has also led me to study different planes and I’ve started learning of different demons and such that live on different planes…it’s all very fascinating. I’m going to be delving deeper into my studies on the way if I can…I hope we encounter a real demon though, I would love to try to study a living subject if I can.

On another note, i’ve also been trying to learn how to craft my own magic items. The party is not earning enough money and I need more power if i’m going to be helping fight (hey, I’m squishy). I might make this into a profit if I can get it down.

Also i’m now um…having relations with Ronin….It’s interesting to say the least. He’s the only one i’ve really connected with and every time I see him it’s like…AHEM ANYWAYS…my relationship is not important now that I look like this…I was pretty good looking in my own right but since i’ve become an Oracle I look like a lycanthrope (a werewolf like creature) even though i’m not completely furry, I just look like a dirty hobo that constantly smells like dog and has a lisp…He wouldn’t look at me like that even if I went and found all the Genie’s in the world…I hate my life.

I’m going to stop right here until next time.

Goddess of whores
Jera's Journal

So we are now Oracles. And oh my gods! The curses some people got! I mean Coal looks like fat jerky and Puc….looks like a dog! Coal keeps calling her Fluffy! Gorag can’t hear anymore and for some reason Garrett seems….different and his gear keeps breaking.
Yeah, Garrett. GarrettJax is our new Rogue. Zirul wandered off a while back. I have no clue what happened to him. That Goats’ Arse just up and left one night after we discussed becoming Oracles. Oh well, guess this was all too much for him. Garrett is an okay sort.

Anyways, after we all returned the Keepers and the whole pantheon of Gods were there (well we called the Gods). We explained everything and told them all of what had been erased from their memories. Aznez and I talked away from the others and and he told me that only a Segundus can hold the prison shut. That he thought that maybe the Beauty Underneath was one of these beings. Step one- Find out what the Beauty is….PROBLEM! The Beauty’s main base of cultish worship is Ajetar’s main desert temple….sigh. SO! We need to gather new followers for her. So we set out on a quest to do just that. Traveling from city to city, hitting each red lantern district so she may show the whores: The Powers of the Goddess of lust, beauty and desire. Yay for hookers getting their Goddess back. Well it was more then we bargained for!

Every time she “bestowed her blessings” a huge orgy broke out. Hundreds of sweating writhing bodies in the streets! At one point i was hit by the “blessing” and noticed that Verse appeared a tad affected too. PLEASE! His robes couldn’t hide the fact he was affected! They accentuated it! Boy is impressive size wise may I add! Anyway…we joined the rabble in the streets. Now he won’t talk to me. Typical! He liked it! He was totally in the moment and he left a few scratches on my back as he cried out my name. I will enjoy him again in the future….

Anyways! I should not be writing so much about feasting upon Verse’s flesh. Moving on: once Ajetar seemed thoroughly powered, we went to her old temple. We had to fight some cultists before we met what seemed at first…maybe the Beauty itself. But apparently it was an over powered lacky of the Beauty. Tho, “Lacky” is the wrong word to use! She sprouted 4 more arms, each with a sword and kicked our asses. We had to flee, but not before she killed Ajetar and Ronin.

We fled back to the End of the World and called upon the gods. Apparently, Linda and Moira had seen this type of creature before. They are called Fae. And they are the reason the Keepers exist. They had trapped these creatures before, thousands of yeas ago on the planes they tormented. They are unsure which Fae this is or if it is a newly created one. We were told we needed to get Ajetar and Ronin’s body. That the Fae could not be allowed to take Ajetar’s “portfolio”…or her powers.

Garrett came up with a plan of action…strange for such a quiet man. And we traveled back to the temple. We were able to collect Ajetar’s body, but Ronin’s was no where in site. Nor was the blood that should have covered the hall where he was slain. All we had was a hankey Coal used to wipe Ronin’s blood from his hands after we returned to the End of the World. Hopefully, we thought, that would be enough for GODS to right the wrong of his death.

WRONG AGAIN! Apparently not only was he killed. Ronin was erased from existence as well. Damn these Fae are powerful! But the Gods, with Ehmbyr and Oret Tavia’s help brought back Ajetar. OH! Did I mention we broke the prison? Freeing both Ehmbyr and the last of the Dragons’ powers? No, well we did.

Pertaining to Ronin’s demise: Coal for some reason was inconsolable. We all mourned Ronin…but this was odd. Well the Keepers fought over some ritual using the “Song of Creation” to bring him back. But to do so may almost definitely unleash some unspeakable evil upon a world or ALL the worlds. That is how the Fae were brought into existence in the first place. The Song was used in the past. But in the end it was decided to use the Song and that we would deal with the evil when we crossed that bridge. So we watched as all the Guardians performed the ritual and Ronin was given back to us. He remembers dying and being in a void of nothingness. But as a whole, seems fine for a gent brought back from the dead!

I mentioned we still have the Dragons to defeat and the Fae to smite. So we should head back to our world to start. All of this because I took a lame job clearing kobalds from a temple in the desert. Who have thunk it? Sometimes….I wish I had stayed home with Mother and Da. We need to get back to Quatern and formulate a plan of action…..

We are all gonna DIE!
Jera's Journal

So we no longer have to worry about the Gypsy-Damned Butterfly Dust. It was all a matter of waiting out the horrid symptoms and letting it pass. Like a bad illness. And it WAS horrid. Damn that busty bitch!

We got two books on Avatar Dragons at the temple of Leif in the White Wastes. Damn its it cold there! One was a hand written journal by a man and his wife and the other was a trestie that referenced the journal. The Keeper of Tomes there mistook Linda for the writers wife. It was her sister Rose that was the wife of the writer!!! OMG! Linda is thousands of years old…but don’t mention that to her!!! She is only 28!

Once this was brought to light we had to convince her to help us find Rose. She was not happy about this. We traveled to Navia’s ship where she rid our systems of the Butterfly dust. Wretched whore. Then, using the ship and Linda’s powers of Traveling…we plane jumped somewhere beautiful. We arrived in the middle of a immense forest at night. I have seen woods, these trees are amazing! They are so old and so large! Anyways…we walked thru the forest until we came to a small cottage. Linda, huffly walked up to a flowering bush and started talking to it. I nearly died! Dryads are REAL! Da’s stories about beings that change into plants are all true! I had always hoped that one day I would find truth to his tales and here was a Dryad in the flesh..erm..bark…BOTH! I was so excited! Her name is Lilac and Rose is her mother. How that works…I don’t know since Rose’s dead-ish husband is also human. Whatever…I shall mark it up to magics.

We met Rose shortly after we met Lilac. Linda really is the spitting image of her sister, but if you look hard enough you can see the differences. Rose mentioned how much I look like my Grandmother. I HAVE to find a way to speak alone with her about my family. Its eerie. Rose summoned her husband’s ghost and he spoke with us about the Dragons and his life’s work. He started to say a few things regarding me…but Rose would cut him off. Dantalian its an interesting man…corpse…ghost. He assumed I was a spell caster because of the color of my hair. That I don’t get. I can use magic…but Durc can and he has black hair like Da. And Mother can but she has blonde hair. What does hair color have to do with anything? Maybe its just he has been dead a while. According to our research…once a soul has been out of the body for a while…the mind and memories get altered and some things get erased.

We also found out there are 6 other people like Linda, with the ability to travel and never age. Her sister Rose and 5 others. Moira is one…of all people! Rose apparently has ‘retired’. Tho I think if you are one of these ‘Keepers’ and you no longer want the job…you should give up your powers and life like the rest of the world. They are supposed to be these beings, of all sorts of races, that have huge responsibilities with the powers they have. Rose, as interesting as she is, and as much as I would love to get to know her better, seems to have thrown away all sense of said responsibility and kept all the perks. That is not fair.

But back to why we were there in the first place. Linda called all the other Keepers to Rose’s cottage so we could meet and talk with them all. It boiled down to our home plane and the issues with the Avatars is not important enough for them all to drop what they are doing to help. We have to clean it up ourselves. I asked if there was a way to speak with the Gods directly…Rose said ‘Oracles’. Then mention we could become Oracles ourselves. I was very reluctant, but caved. We all went to the ‘Testing Grounds’ with all the Keepers. They said they would help us thru the trials. We all traveled back to the plane that Moira had taken us too in the past. Blackness all around. Linda called it the End of the World. I guess each of us had a Keeper with us….but we all ended up split appart. I was alone on a battle field with Rose. There was this woman that appeared behind me. I drew my sword by instinct and almost swung at her. Then thought better of it. She asked me all sorts of questions.

Most of them didnt make sense. She was asking if i could hear the screaming of the fallen, I told her no since they were dead they couldnt scream. Then all of a sudden the field was full of voices, speaking all sorts of languages. Its almost like trying to remember a dream really. I can remember some questions and not others. But at the end she said “Curse given, curse excepted willingly” then vanished. Gods know what THAT means. Then Rose and I traveled back to the End of the World to wait for the others to return. I wonder what they had to got thru. I am sleepy and want a nap. Guess we just sit on our laurels and wait now…..

BatShit Oopsie!
Jera's Journal

So we raised Belgamina and went to the Universal Gate and did the ritual. The fire pit Flared and an image of Oret Tavia appeared and transformed into BatShit…I mean Ehmbyr. She stared at us all and cried “What have you DONE!? You fools!!!” before disappearing! The ground shook and most people lost it. Then suddenly a voice called out behind us. It was a little old woman in a chair knitting, poorly might I add. We chatted some, and she said she had been imprisoned years ago with a lady made of fire. Thinking this might be a form of BatShit…I spoke amicably with her and we helped her leave her prison.

One problem…she wasnt who I thought she was! She was actually the embodiment of BatShits avatar! And she tried to kill Zirul! She almost succeeded! Then she fled. As that was going on Oret Tavia’s Spirit materialized above the pit. Long story short- when she held the avatar within her for the war of a billion issues, the avatar broke free and reined havoc on the land. Whoops! So now we have to get and kill the old lady avatar.

We released Oret and helped her regain her body….and then she took over her role as High Priestess of Ehmbyr at the temple in Shard. You should have seen their faces there!!!! Oret is BAD ASS!!!

So- truth of it all is each God had an Avatar which were…wait for it…the Dragons. The dragons had their own language that is now considered Old Temple Speak. Puc has deciphered it. The war was actually to kill each of the Avatars since they are arse hats and tried to destroy the world. All this knowledge was buried or burned by the Gods and their temple higher ups. I fucking HATE Gods! So now we had to find the Avatar we let loose and kill her. Yay….

Oret said there was an artifact in the temple of Leif that would call her to us. We went and got it. A horn. Said he had to blow it and she would come. Fat man decided it would be a GREAT idea to go from temple to temple with Linda’s traveling and blow it at each one to “confuse her”. The others thought it was a good idea too. I was out voted. So we did.

Once back at Shard we blew it a last time. And 9…count them…9 dragons appeared in the sky. None of them the one we were looking for. They were her offspring. We and the clerics of Ehmbyr fought and killed them all. Then we got word from the other temples that they all had a herd of dragons attacking them and managed to fight them off. No main avatars appeared at those temples either. FUCKING GODS!

Now we have to travel to the White Wastes for a book about avatars kept at the main temple of Lief. We have to learn all we can about them to be able to defeat them. This is utter crap! But I got a chance to lay a kiss on Verse…for luck of course…before we fought the dragons at Shard. At least something good came about on this day. Now we wait to see where we go from here. Wonder if Linda has been to the Wastes??

Will this EVER end??
Jera's Journal

So Navia called us up to the main deck because some SKY PIRATES were attacking us! I shit you not. We kicked their arses and she poisoned them the same way she did us…making them part of what she calls “Her Drapt”. I think they were just happy to be part of the living still.

Puc can now read Draconic and Zuirl is now a full member of the Fades’ Thieves Guild. Met a man there named Tomes that used to Oret Tavia’s niece’s lover. Kinda left out the fact that we have poor Belgamina’s body in our possession. Didn’t wanna shake the old guy up. Plus I am sure he knows a 100 ways to kill us with out batting an eye lash.

We got the final piece of BatShit by tricking a secret society of the Clerics of Vehu to attend a dinner ‘In their honor’ hosted by Navia. They are ALL in her drapt now! Tomes helped a lot too. All we have to do is wake Belgamina, go thru the universal god gate and place all the pieces. So glad this is almost over!!!

Wonder what raising a god looks like? Wonder what will happen? I mean I do like my companions okay, and I have a new goal. Verse. He is so sweet…so meek…so…pure. I want to make that boy see stars while screaming to his choice of gods!!! He claims he is too young, but I dont think he knows much about the aging of people like me. Since my dad is an Elf, I age slower. According to my kind…I am but a teen like he is. Been a ‘teen’ for more years yeah…but our ages aren’t much different! I want to show him there is more to life then his spiffy book of spiffyness!! Its good that Fat Man scares him…then he comes to me for protection. I’ll protect him! I will also show him the skills I picked up over the years too!!! Got a chance to give him a quick kiss on the ship…he turned red and acted like I attacked him!! Just wait…he will eventually enjoy my “attacks”!! Oh…well its time for us to gather up our things and get to the universal gate! More to come!!!

HRM Jackass
Puc's Chronicle

So the next morning after the battle we were granted access to under the temple. One of the clerics showed us a secret passage under the statue of Lif. I wonder if all the temples are like this? Anyways, we made our way down into the temple and I was surprised to see a complete city under the temple. It was amazing, someone mentioned upon entering the city it looked like Dwarven architecture. It was cool either way, but why was this city under the temple of Lif? Well anyways, we met the queen, or who we thought was the queen. Instead the King just fooled us into thinking a peasant child was the queen. Instead the King in question was named HRM Joren, who was in fact a freakin vampire. It was then that I realized that everyone down here were of the undead type! So they told us that they would help us if we helped them. Basically he gave me a ring and told me to wear it. He told me that some of my blood would be siphoned into a huge hourglass for them to use in the battle against the clerics of Lif. Oh yeah, and those vamps we fought? Constructs. All of them. Fuckin’ A. So I put on the ring and it grew spikes and dug into my finger slowly transforming into a gauntlet if you will. I couldn’t pull it off…tricky fuckin king. So after that he showed us to the god road where we then took our leave to Jatix.

I swear to god If I ever get this ring off i’m going to go back and drag HRM Jackass out by his robes into the sunlight and eat popcorn as I watch him burn…I feel sleepy….

Been a while
Jera's Journal

So I have had almost no time the past couple of weeks to write. So I am taking advantage of the face I am in a room in a FLYING ship to do so. Yes…a flying ship, I will get into that in a bit.

Lets see….we have 4 pieces of the BatShit goddess and a duplicate. Got to the city with the main temple of Aznez and was in a coliseum battle to the death…TWICE! Once with everyone to get entry into the temple and once because the Clerics of Sarass came to arrest us for something we didnt do.

You see while there, Puc and Ronin were arrested by the Inquisitors while we were trying to remove the piece of BatShit from a cleric of Sarass. Anyhoo…we snuck into the temple via Linda’s traveling and ended up in the dungeons. Oops! Well out of no where this white haired assassin appeared and…wait let me back up. So Gorag and Coal started fight with each other once we hit the dungeons. Well that got bad and Coal shot Flaming hands at Gorag. Did I mention that Gorag is a gunslinger and carries GUNPODWER?! Well the gunpowder exploded…rocking the whole temple. This knocked them out cold. I used that time, and the debris laying about to teach them a lesson. We won’t go into that. But then Linda and I woke them up and yelled at them. THEN the assassin showed up from the shadows. She picked a fight. Apparently she worked for the head Inquisitor/ High Cleric of Sarass. Spells and blades were flung about. Suddenly the ceiling caved in (thank you Coal and Gorag for your lovers spat). At one point I was about to be skewered on this bitch’s scythe when out of the hole in the ceiling the High Inquisitor fell landing in front of me. On her way down she came in contact with the assassin’s blade….oops! She landed in two pieces. The assassin looked at the body and put her weapon away! She proclaimed she had no need to kill me now since her employer was dead. Her name is Moira. After that we heard a shriek and Puc and Ronin fell thru the floor. Ronin shot off a Feather Fall and Puc clung to him on the way down. Linda announce “Now that we are all together again…” and pulled out her necklace and Traveled us to the desert. She had words with Moira, apparently they know each other. We went one way and Moira went another.

So fast forward to the city of Aznez, the Clerics of Sarass blamed US for their Cleric’s death and wanted to arrest us for it. Well thanks to Puc’s quick tongue, we had a Trial by Combat. And they all chose me to be the one to go into the coliseum again to fight as their “Champion”. It was HARD, but I won. Charges dropped. But the priestess of Aznez wasn’t thru with us. She knew what we were up to and HANDED us the piece of BatShit! Said she was okay with what we were doing since it would end up in war and that is what Aznez was all about.

SHITE! So much has happened I forgot- While we were there in the temple of Aznez…I think we found the place we have to put all the pieces of BatShit together! They have TWO God Gates. One below the temple which was the ‘real’ one and one in the main room that all the Clerics there thought was just for decoration! It had NEVER been used. Well the first time in after our original win in the coliseum, it had been activated somehow and 6 clerics were dead. So we offered to be the morons who went in to inspect what may have happened. Once inside, we saw nothing but ash and soot. Found a corridor leading to a room with a HUGE fire pit and 8 pillars circling it. Each pillar had a Gods’ rune and a piece just the size of the pieces of BatShit. Just so you know….this place is creepy. I hate that we eventually have to go back. Apparently the 2 hours we were in this other place of Ash was actually a whole day gone at the temple of Aznez!!! We got back and faced the charges from Sarass.

The head of Clerics of Aznez had a private chat with Linda and Linda wasnt allowed to leave with us. She called MOIRA!!! And told her she had to travel with us and keep us safe! So we left with Moira and she took us to a Gypsy caravan. The head of caravan is a busty woman named Navia. And she…poisoned us. Now we are her bitches since she is the only woman that can keep us alive due to this dust she poisoned us with! THANKS MOIRA!!!

Well instead of traveling the way Linda does, Navia has a flying ship! And here we are, on her ship…‘sailing’ above the sands. Oh shit! What now?! Navia is calling us to the helm!!!


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