Leigh as faery of flames

Goddess of Fire, Earth, and Death


The Goddess Ehmbyr is the most vunerated Goddess in the Pantheon in the Blasted Lands. The reasons are many, but one of the main reasons is that the largest city in the Red Desert is Shard, and the largest temple in the city is to her. Considering that the largest Necropolis is also within the city of Shard, It makes sense that her greatest Temple Vo Misera Ehmbyr is also within that city.

Ehmbyr is also considered to be one of the original gods who helped to protect the Pillars of the World.


Ehmbyr is not friendly with any of the other gods of the Pantheon. The reason why is still unknown as originally she was a friend to all, especially Lif.

Appearance and Emissaries

Ehmbyr is said to appear as a tall humanoid, with long fiery bright hair that is litterally made of flames. her eyes are said to spark with blue flames. She is dressed in a gown of molten gold. In one hand, she carries a branch of cypress, in the other, it is said the Flame of Attenuation..


It is not known if Ehmbyr has a herald, but it is thought taht all Elementals of Fire bow to her as do those of Earth.

Church of Ehmbyr

The Church of Ehmbyr is known for it’s stern clerics and lofty ideals. The church is known for blessings upon the city as well as their excellent way of taking care of the dead. It is Ehmbyr’s priests that take care of those who have died and their afterlife, as Ehmbyr is thought to be the guardian of the Gates to the Afterlife.

Worshipers and Clergy

Almost everyone at some point and time had uttered a prayer to Ehmbyr. A large portion of Sarenrae’s priests are composed of clerics, but within their ranks are also rangers, as well as a few druids and bards. Some priests work as personal retainers or healers for the wealthy, while others survive on assistance from congregational worshipers. A common form of worship by priests is to awaken with the dawn and give thanks and praise to the rising sun. The short sword is a favored weapon and its use is held in high regard. In battle, Ehmbyr’s clerics become whirling dervishes, ready to destroy irredeemable corruption and pass on the gift of Ehmbyr’s fiery mercy.

Kind and caring elves often worship Ehmbyr. Rarely, an elf may be born with red hair and, as this is seen by elves as a sign from the goddess, these halflings are expected to become part of Ehmbyr’s clergy. Even still, elves are few and far in between, as she is mostly worshiped by humans.

Also, as a sign of Ehmbyr’s favor, many priests sheer their hair in favor for allowing for magical flames to adorn their hair as a sign of their status.

Temples and Shrines

The temples of Ehmbyr have the appearance of tall pyramids with large flames atop them. Underneath the buildings are catacombs filled with crypts of the dead, typically priests or affluent townsfolk.

Holy Texts

Ehmbyr is considered one of the more old fashioned gods and as such, does not have a book that is considered to be particularly venerated. Instead, the priests rely on a more oral tradition. As such, the only thing that is particularly taught to the priests and clerics of Ehmbyr are known as the “Prayers of the Sun”.




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