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God-Patron of Books and God of Water


It is strange to believe that the God of Water would also be the Patron of Books. However, known as the Blind God, he is known to all as such and delights in his moniker. As such, he considers it to be his duty to collect information. It was once thought that all that has ever been written is in his purveyance, but he merely does it as a favor to another god. He is known to have lost his arm though in pursuit of his grater justice.


Sarass believes in a Justice that one can make and therefore imply it upon others. As such, he only occasionally has disagreements with others, quietly dispensing justice as he sees fit from his perspective. He is however, extremely close with the Deaf God Alat.

Appearance and Emissaries

Being blind does not mean that Sarass cannot see. He is usually depicted with the Book of Wisdoms. It supposedly carries the names of all the major transgression of all people and when they shall commit them. It is said that to read it, will blind you as much as the god who carries it. His right hand is heavily armored and is magicked as the original has been lost. The hand that remains carries the Wings of the Utterance. He does not have an emissary per say, but a minor god known as simply as Oath serves him.

Oath is thought to be seen only as a amorphousness cloud shaped being with a single eye in it’s forehead.


The only servants of Sarass are his clerics and the Order.

Church of Sarass

The Church is full of smiles and will be more than willing to help you. At the same time, the Order is a notoriously dangerous organization to come against. Most people who are drawn to the church are looking for a justice of some sort that they are looking for. More than anything else though, the Church values the Truth.

Worshipers and Clergy

The priests of Sarass concern themselves with keeping the history of the word. More so that priests of Alat, they collect scriptures and tomes in an effort to find the truth and as such, have many bibliomancers among their ranks. More than anything else though, they are seen as Justicars. All who have problems within the world go to see the Justice of Sarass if they feel they have been slighted.

Being the God of Water also allows his clergy to help with the digging of the wells and finding sources of water in the desert.

Temples and Shrines

All temples are known as Basilicas. They are towering structures of dark stone and turrets filled with fountains and waterfalls. Below are the storage vaults of the tomes they have collected, but the thin and cramped hallways of the temples are still mostly for those of the Order of the Iron Page.

Holy Texts

There are two texts. The first is that standard text of Sarass known as “The Feather of Waters”. This is the standard text which has the tenant of how to Judge others not by their actions, but by their will. The second book is known as “The Iron Page”. This is the basic book of the Inquisitors.



The Order of the Iron Page is the Inquisitorial side of the Church of Sarass. They are known as the “Right Hand” of the god himself and root out any trouble in the lands.


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