The Orcish Clans

The clans are a large group of various houses that are left of the original traveling clans from before the Iceland Wastes were created. The current clans are divided into two sects. The are the Great clans and the small Clans. Each clan is a bloodline back to the original orcs that lived in the Quatern before they finally settled into the Rocky Planes.

The Clans are separated into several different cores in an effort to make sure that each clan is not forgotten and has its own value to the Clans as a whole. The head of each clan is known as a Babba, and is given the title of Babba-sama in an effort to help differentiate her from the rest of the clan. The title is almost always given to a woman.

The High Clans are as follows:

Grey Talons
Blood Claws
Blood Talon
Black Bones
Four Claws
Plane Smoke
Dark Feather
Blood Tooth

The Lower Clans are as follows:

Mist Watch
Bear Paw
Wolf Smasher
Rust Tooth
Bent Jaw
Muddy Sword
Heart Thrasher
Skull Chopper
Cracked Maw
Blood Moon
Wicked Tongue
Vile Rune

When it comes to clans, the lower clans are beholden to the high clans. Usually, the lower clans are off shoots of a higher clan. A perfect example would be the Vile Rune clan, which were originally an offshoot of the Plane Smoke Clan.

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The Orcish Clans

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