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God of Fortune and Travelers


The god of Fortune and Travelers is often said to be the god of those who are Sun kissed and filled with wanderlust. He is often seen wandering from place to place, always curious, and never able to stay still for too long. Always wandering, always traveling, it is thought that his name is whispered in a thousand places, in a thousand different way, with a thousand different names.


As a wanderer, all of the gods don’t really interact with him. As he tends to be as distant as the wind, most gods do not mind him, and also use him on occasions to send messages for them.

Appearance and Emissaries

He appears to be a barefooted sand elf with braided hair and dark skin. He wears green pants and no shirt. He also wears iron braces of a monk. Tied around his waist he wears golden cords. his feet are wrapped with what appears spell-worked wraps.

He has five Heralds. They are Air, Sea, Earth, Astral, and Planar. They are all associated with the types of travel.


His only servant is a silent Hound Archon known as Meta.

Church of Sarass

The Church of Vehu is a traveling church. The priests do not have a particular temple for which they stay with. Instead, they tend to travel from temple to temple. The only priests that stay are the ones who are given the position of High Priestess of Priest of the temples. Even still, the temples themselves are not permanent structures. The temples at times, are sometimes left, en masse, to build another temples.

Worshipers and Clergy

All travelers worship Vehu. Even those who are not with travelers, wish for a bit of luck from the god and pray to him for their good fortune, to curse others with worse.

Temples and Shrines

The temples of Vehu are known for their open and sprawling spaces. They tend to be open and airy, and built directly into the local landscapes. They are often abandoned after a time.

Holy Texts

There is no true holy text for Vehu. Due to the traveling nature of the clerics, there is no real text for the clerics. There are however, prophecies that are written on the walls of the temple of Vehu in Doren in the Red Desert.


There is a holiday that is celebrated on the Rocky Plains known as Lohri Mhellian. It is an Autumnal festival celebrating the changing of the colors of the grass.


The Druidic Order, Tavithan, is usually greeted by the clergy with open arms.


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