War of Dysjunction

The Grand War to End all Wars when the Armies of Light marched upon the Might of Ehmbyr in her stronghold in Shard.

Started almost over Two thousand years ago, the war was known to be when the Goddess Ehmbyr, in all her might and glory, delcaired war against the God Lif in the distruction of her husband. In her rage and anger, she riled up the Avatars, and went to war with the world.

For almost fifty years, the war raged on the grand chessboard that was the Quatern. The battle waged long and hard, both sides stating that their cause was just. Ehmbyr had the upper hand as her clerics were everywhere. The war was dedicated as a stalemate until General Kirabella and the Grand Armies of Light finally marched upon the stronghold of Vo Misera Ehmbyr in a campaign to end the war. It operrated deep within what was considered enemy territory without dirrect lines of supply or decent communication.

In a desperate attempt to prevent them from coming any further, Ehmbyr, used her own High Priestess of the time to wreak a devistation upon the armies that was both terrible and unmitigated. The repercutions of this magic is still seen to this day in what is known as the Red Desert.

War of Dysjunction

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