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  • Ithalla Morvosian

    Originally the High priestess of the Temple of Sarass in the city of Fades, she was deposed and forced to flee after an unfortunate accident occurred in her very own temple where a large explosion took place and her head of Inquisitors was MYSTERIOUSLY …

  • Sithias Laven

    Sithias was raised by the new High priest of Sarass when the original cleric who held the title of Head Inquisitor was found cut in two rather neat pieces. HE does not appear to have a secondary motive other than running the Iron Page.

  • Olevia

    Olevia is Sithias' key inquisitor. She is his second in command among the Iron Page and is one of the few who survived when the Avatars attacked the enclave a second time. She is a quiet sort, but with a large brand of justice flowing through her veins. …