The scaily children of the gods. Locked away for their hubris and evil, it is thought that they will never plauge the lands of humans again.

Beautiful and powerful, it was said in stories that they came in many shapes and sizes as well as colors. It was even said that there were some that were the very font of their Lines. These were beholden to the Gods themselves. Until the War, there was supposedly a peace between them and the mortal races. It was not until the War, that they were sealed away with powerful magics, never to be heard from again.

In many other tales, these creatures were at one time called Dragons.

The Return

Though the release of Ehmbyr and the gathering of the pieces back together, it turned out that the Avatars were released as well with the Goddess. Once she was released, the scourage of the Avatars returned to the Quatern in the form of several powerful beings that were seen as a threat to the very beings that lived in the world.

These avatars were known to be the worst of the worst. Their names are as follows:


The Truth

It has come to the attention of the adventurers, that there were actually several Avatars that were higher than the rest. They were innitially known as handmaidens.


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