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Welcome to the Blasted Lands…

Home of the Red Desert.


This is a Homebrew Campaign Setting. We use Pathfinder Core Rules.

This campaign setting is made with a major emphasis on dungeon delving. As such, the majority of gameplay will involve dungeons and the mythos will suround most of the main city of Shard, where the High Temple of Ehmbyr sits.

The name of the campaign, “Temples of Ember”, actually reference the main temples of the city of Shard being that of a Fire Goddess. It is also a promise of what you can find in the dying ruins that are as much a part of the city as well as its surrounding area.


Due to a World Secret being revealed; the wold has changed and so have the maps! I look forward to placing new maps in the coming weeks of the city of Shard and it’s surrounding area.

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