Vo Misera Ehmbyr

The Grand temple of Ehmbyr in Shard, the structure is on the highest point of the city. Built like a pyramid, the structure stands at least fifteen stories high and is the higest point in the city.

The temple is a large pyramid, which stands just over 400 feet tall into the air, with several steps. The largest step being the base of the pyramid which is 1,230 feet. At the top, there is a large flat space which is where the Flame is kept burning at all times. The Gate of the Hereafter is also next to the Altar of the Flame. It is here that the priests preforme the rites of the Dead and burn the remnents of loved ones before they pass onto Ehmbyr’s relm of the hereafter.

The temple is considered to be the largest temple to the Goddess of Death in the world. The Altar of the Flame is a complex series of networked fires that make up a greater flame that is always kept burning. Never once in the written histories of the temple has the flame gone out. It is said that if the flame were to go out, the world would be snuffed as well.

Underneath the temple are where the remains of the dead are kept after being burned. It is called the Halls of the Dead. Beneath that are the Undercaverns, a set of caverns and warrens that ran beneath the temple when it was first built. Kobolds are said to nest down there amongst other goblinoids. Beneath that is the Vaults. The Underground cavern system apparently goes further, but has yet to be discovered.

Vo Misera Ehmbyr

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